Beauty skincare brand engages in online technology to help create business opportunities for Filipino entrepreneurs

Published September 13, 2021, 8:43 AM

by Enzo Luna

Michael Rey Almazan, co-founder and president, Beauty&U International. and CEO, S Ralph Lim

In the 90s and mid-2000s when direct selling business has become a dominant part of Filipinos finding ways to make a decent living, business orientation meetings (BOM) were held in strategic locations – business centers, hotel ballrooms, residential places, and even inside fast-food chains to accommodate business-like minded persons to get to know more about the business. As the world evolves to digital and when almost all activities are done online, direct selling also found a new platform to introduce their businesses and train distributors and resellers via social media platforms like video group chat rooms and online virtual meetings.

“Nowadays, we hold regular meetings via Facebook Messenger chat and Zoom meetings with our distributors and resellers. They’re the most convenient platforms that we have today and it’s accessible to all,” said Michael Rey Almazan, co-founder and President, Beauty&U International.

Beauty& U is a new business founded in 2020 by two business partners who aim to help fulfill the skin care needs of fellow Filipinos while creating business opportunities for many amidst the pandemic.

The availability of video calls on Facebook and the popularity of zoom meetings now allow people to jump and use these platforms to enjoy group meetings and private conversations. Businesses like Beauty&U have adopted these platforms to reach out to more people who are interested in their products.

“We come up with this idea, primarily, to help our employees who were displaced and at the same time to help the community and provide livelihood and opportunity to earn,” Almazan added.

Beauty&U was based on the personal experience of its CEO, S Ralph Lim, when he suffered from severe skin breakouts and acne on his face causing him to lose his confidence and frequently shying away from people. Coming from a middle-class family with a minimal earning from his corporate job, getting a professional skin care treatment was considered a luxury. He tried almost all skincare products available in stores and online, even resorting to highly recognized but more expensive products. With this experience, a big realization dawned unto him that skin care doesn’t need to be expensive and should be available and accessible not just for a few but should be for all.

Beauty&U’s journey to promote “Beauty for All” officially commenced on September 18, 2020. Guided by its emblem, the Butterfly, Beauty&U encourages beautiful transformation by loving, investing in oneself and by always trusting the process, revealing the best version of “U”. “The butterfly logo also represents the progress and improvements as we strive to achieve success,” said Lim.

With months of planning, research, working together and building everything from scratch, they have been successful launching their first line of products – RenU Rejuvenating Set, an all-in-one rejuvenating and exfoliating set formulated to help reveal one’s younger looking skin suitable for blemished and acne prone skin; UR All-Day Crystal Kit, an ultra-revitalizing, whitening and brightening set specially formulated to maintain pore less and glass-like skin, and; U-Glow Face and Body Soap, an intensive whitening and anti-aging soap formulated to achieve dewy, bright and radiant complexion revealing a noticeable more glowing and youthful-looking skin. These well-thought-of products underwent a series of trials and testing, even personally tested, and used by the founders themselves. All formulation, packaging, preparation, technicalities, and legalities strictly comply with the guidelines and standard set by the Food and Drug Administration ensuring the safety, efficacy, quality, and purity of all Beauty&U’s products.

Words spread so fast, especially on social media about the efficacy and affordability of the products, attracting more and more users trying it every single day. Eventually, these loyal users turned into resellers and distributors, living testaments of Beauty&U’s promise of helping people not just in achieving healthier and fairer skin but also providing financial opportunities through its word of “gumaganda ka na, kumikita ka pa”. Beauty&U’s main channel of selling and distribution of products is through online which allows their distributors and resellers to manage their own social media pages for convenient and easy direct selling business transactions. Distributors and resellers are allowed to use their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and e-commerce sites like Shopee and Lazada to effectively promote the business.

Beauty&U has proven itself to become a new preferred skin care brand in the market. The initial 9 products have grown to 17, these include U Glow Miracle Serum, UA Perfecting Kit, Underarm Perfecting Spray, Perfecting Cream, U Glow Miracle Foaming Cleanser and now taking a big leap to health supplements with its pioneer product Premium Collagen+Glutathione Beautifying Drink. Beauty&U has also strengthened its presence not just in the local but also in the global market through its distribution presence in Qatar, Canada, Brunei, UAE, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Beauty&U, relatively, a small brand in the skin care and health supplement arena, but is full of BIG DREAMS, and TRUSTED and LOVED by many. With the leadership of CEO Lim and President Almazan, together with their growing talented team, Beauty&U will continue to build a family of distributors, resellers, and users, helping and lifting each other in achieving their dreams for themselves and their families.