Animal shelter groups appeal for help for ‘less adoptable’ animals

Published September 13, 2021, 8:03 AM

by Richa Noriega

Animal shelter organizations have appealed to the public for help to sustain their sanctuary for animals that are either old or with special needs.

(​​Philippine Animal Welfare Society FACEBOOK / FILE PHOTO)

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) bared that most adopters prefer young and healthy animal companions, which resulted in the accumulation of senior and special needs animals in their shelters.

“This hampers our ability to take in others who may require more urgent care,” the PAWS said in a Facebook post on Sunday, Sept. 12.

In partnership with the Best Friends Furever Sanctuary, Inc (BFFS), a start-up non-government organization (NGO) that fosters and adopts senior and special needs animals from the PAWS shelter. They created a sanctuary, which provides a safe, enriching, and loving environment to “less adoptable” animals.

“As an NGO, we know fully well that to build and maintain a non-profit sanctuary requires a community. Together with like-minded individuals and organizations, and out-of-pocket expenses, BFFS has been able to provide animal enclosures to keep the heat and winds at bay,” the PAWS said.

The animal organization, however, said that the sanctuary requires improvement to protect animals from natural calamities and other animals, including snakes, from entering their enclosures.

“Please consider donating any amount for the construction of a more secure and resilient home for BFFS senior and special needs animals. Visit their fundraising page here –,” the PAWS added.

As of writing, the fundraising page has raised a total of $754.