Here’s why you should consider owning a beach home in Batangas

Published September 11, 2021, 1:35 AM

by Manila Bulletin

Architect’s perspective of Club Laiya

That unique scent of the shore that tames negative energy. Birds chirping, creating wonderful music. Waking up to the majestic view of the sea and the calming sounds of the waves. Ending the day with the delightful sight of the sunset. These are just a few of the beautiful possibilities one can enjoy when settling by the beach. Dreamy and seemingly fantastic—yet totally achievable and not quite remote. You can actually own a piece of this paradise in Batangas.

Incredible beach sunset at CaSoBē

Enjoy the best of both worlds

Living by the beach doesn’t mean you have to be somewhere remote with limited access to modern technology and facilities. Owning a beach home in Batangas means you can enjoy all the perks of urban life while enjoying a majestic view of the sea, taking a breath of fresh air, and reveling in the lush greenery.

Take a break at the beach

Turn leisure into a lifestyle

Owning a home by the beach is practically making leisure your lifestyle. You wouldn’t have to wait for long weekends and spend travel time to indulge in the beauty of nature. Live the beach life whenever you feel like it, every day!

Indulge in water sports at Club Laiya and CaSoBē

Enjoy a comfortable active lifestyle

Being near nature means having access to activities you won’t be able to do in the city. Imagine doing cardio by the sea, yoga under the trees, and Zumba in the fresh air. Run free along the shore! Exercising can be less challenging and even less boring.

Enjoy quiet moments at CaSoBē

Spend splendid stillness anytime of the day

Or if you choose not to be active, you can relax and stay still without having to deal with the bustle of urban life. Sit down, stay quiet, and recharge.

Your family’s new BeachTown address at CaSoBē

Have the beach for an address

Imagine filling out forms asking for your address and giving directions that lead to the sea? Who wouldn’t want that?

But in case you’re not yet ready to uproot.

Unwind at Laiya Beach Club, one of the resort amenities in Club Laiya.

Make it your owned escape when needed

For days when you need a break from the demanding life in the city, you can simply drive to your own paradise for quick relaxation and rejuvenation over the weekend Without worrying about rent or booking.

CaSoBē – Architect’s perspective

You can turn the property to a rental space

It’s ok if you’re not yet totally ready to move permanently to a new place (even if it’s a piece of paradise). Why not share that paradise with others and convert your property to a beach vacation rental place during peak season?

Luxury beachside living is possible through the projects of Landco Pacific Corporation. For instance, its plans for CaSoBē (Calatagan South Beach) beach community is promising for those who want to be with nature and be connected. Described as a special resort setting with open spaces, promenades, parks, and retail spaces (situated near the beach), plus infrastructure and technology that enables connectivity, you can only imagine how this community perfectly realizes the concept of work-life-balance.

Meanwhile, Club Laiya lets you merge work and play in a master planned community with technology-equipped infrastructure that makes living near nature possible while still allowing one to work.  When you have a place as luxurious and scenic as Club Laiya as your office for days, you’ll surely get the needed inspiration for a productive week. And since Club Laiya is a premium tourist estate developed with the environment in mind, you’re rest assured that you’re one with nature in embracing its wonders through sustainable tourism.

Living near the beach is almost everyone’s dream. Luckily, Landco Pacific Corporation can help make that dream come true for you. For more information about their Leisure Tourism Estates: Club Laiya and CaSoBē, visit their website or Facebook Page @LandcoPacificCorporation.