Lovi Poe fuels transfer rumors quoting Adele

Apart from being a good actress, Lovi Poe is also a capable singer.

She is in the center of rumors currently, owing to her supposed impending transfer to ABS-CBN.

Lovi is still silent about it but her most recent post seems to hint at the possibility.

Amusingly, the 32-year-old hottie did so in a very musical manner.

She quoted several lines from the song "Right As Rain" as popularized by Adele.

“Cause when hard work don’t pay off and I’m tired. I’ve cried my heart out and now I’ve had enough of.”

Is this her way of voicing out the main reason for her alleged transfer?

Does Lovi feel she was taken for granted at GMA?

We could only guess at this point.

When asked about her supposed transfer last year she said, “Right now, it’s hard to say. Everything is under negotiations. I’ve just finished my show. We’re still having the conversation."

Quizzed further, she added, “Ako naman po kasi, I’m always open to working with anybody. To grow as an artist, I don’t think you’re supposed to box or keep yourself like just doing the same or working with the same people over and over again."

She promised to let her fans know if and when it does happen.

But she'd rather keep quiet for the time being citing she wants to show "respect" to both networks.