San Francisco tops world’s best cities

San Francisco in California, USA has been named as the "world's best" city, according to the 2021 Time Out Index.


Time Out said San Francisco earned the top spot on its list of 37 world's best cities for its progressiveness, inclusiveness, and innovation, as well as for its stellar restaurants, endless hiking options, and trendy dispensaries.

The city was also commended for its aggressive response to the coronavirus pandemic.

"The shutdowns and regulations continued for most of the year, and while not easy on the city’s businesses, they have been successful in keeping the crisis more under control than elsewhere," said Time Out, adding it was one of only a few major cities that never ran out of hospital beds.

It noted that it was also one of the cities that have the highest vaccination rates in the United States.

The city was also recognized for its green spaces, for embracing the cannabis industry, its belief in the power of public art, as well as for its number of parklets.

"San Francisco is, in many ways, the ideal spot to ride out the pandemic with year-round mild weather, a thriving restaurant and take-out scene, high-quality cannabis, and endless, accessible, adventures in nature – from hikes in wine country to days spent lounging on the beach," Time Out said.

Other cities that made it to the top 10 list were Amsterdam, Manchester, Copenhagen, New York City, Montreal, Prague, Tel Aviv, Porto, and Tokyo.

The ranking was based on a survey across every category in the poll of 27,000 city dwellers from various countries, along with insights from Time Out editors and experts worldwide.

"So we asked you not just about food and culture, as we always do, but also community projects, green space and sustainability," it said.

"We were after the cities that were not only thinking about the now, but also the future. The ones making life better both for us and for our grandkids."