OCTA: 4 Metro Manila areas near downward trend in COVID-19 cases

Published September 9, 2021, 1:20 PM

by Jhon Aldrin Casinas

Four areas in Metro Manila is approaching a downward trend in new cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the OCTA Research said Thursday, Sept. 9.

OCTA Research monitoring report

Based on OCTA’s latest monitoring report, these areas are Navotas (1.04), Las Piñas (1.11), Malabon (1.13), and Pasay (1.16).

It noted that the reproduction numbers, which refers to the average number of secondary infections by each infected individual, in these four areas were close to 1.1.

OCTA explained that a reproduction number less than 1 means that the trend in new cases will shift on a downward trajectory.

“These four LGUs (local government units) had negative one-week growth rates,” the report stated.

“Trends may change anytime, so it is important that LGUs and their residents sustain their effort to bring the cases down,” it added.

Citing the data from the Department of Health, OCTA reported that the National Capital Region (NCR) 3,175 new infections on Sept. 8.

“However, there was a reported technical error which may have caused the number of cases to decrease,” OCTA said.

According to the group, the NCR had an average of 5,129 new cases per day from Sept. 2 to 8, equivalent to 9 percent higher than the daily average from Aug. 26 to Sept. 1.

Metro Manila’s reproduction number was at 1.30, while the region’s positivity rate was at 25 percent.

Hospital bed occupancy in the region was at 67 percent, while its intensive care unit occupancy was at 74 percent.