LOOK: Senyora's quiz on Paolo Contis' viral statement and the Marites' answers

Social media darling Senyora poked fun at the lengthy post of Paolo Contis explaining his side days after his split with LJ Reyes.

Recall that Senyora was among online users who reposted the viral statement.

"Sabay sabay muna nating basahin ang statement ni Paolo Contis. Mga kachismis let’s review and reflect. Tas paki grade na lang after," she wrote.

Then in another post, she teased: "Lahat ba nabasa na statement ni Paolo Contis? May graded recitation tayo bukas be ready. Good night… as a friend."

Well, hours later. Senyora uploaded the "first Midterm Exam in Marites 101."

"No cheating!!! Deadline of submission 6pm. No sharing of answer to your friend. Ok?," she quipped.


Of course, Senyora's 4.9 million followers were quick to submit their answers.

Here are some: