Do we need to wear good bottoms even if we're working from home? Well, yes.

Published September 7, 2021, 3:23 PM

by John Legaspi

Here are some comfy yet chic options

After more than a year of turning spaces in your home as your new office, many of us have been used to facing our devices and starting work in our PJs or pambahay. We just put on a trusty blazer over it whenever there is a Zoom meeting and turning your camera on is a must.

While what you wear daily isn’t a topic anyone is interested to talk about in a time of a global crisis, what you put on your body as you do your job can affect your working attitude and productivity. It’s like having coffee in the morning or a quick read of the news online at your desk, dressing up is part of the ritual that conditions you for work. It helps you build that mindset that you are ready to accomplish things and leave the feel of lounging behind.

In a study done by researchers Joy Peluchette and Katherine Karla, published in Human Resource Development Quarterly, it states that people feel more trustworthy and competent when wearing proper work attire. Of course, wearing your typical blouse, skirts, suit, and tie combo may prove to be a tad much for the work from home (WFH) setting, but you have other options to play with. Think Bea Alonzo in “Four Sisters and a Wedding” wearing a neat tailored top over her home wear while she conducts conference calls in the kitchen. Small style quirks like wearing your work watch, casual mule, or dressy top can do the trick. And let’s forget the bottom pieces.

Wearing something nice like a non-restricting skort or casual pants or shorts will not only help avoid many embarrassing virtual meeting mishaps, they will also encourage you to do more. There are now a multitude of bottoms you can wear that can transition from your WFH time to doing little outdoor errands. If you’re on the lookout for those pieces, Uniqlo presents its “Everyday Bottoms” collection, serving a variety of casual and stylish pieces in comfortable fabrics to compliment every part of your life. No matter what activity or task you must do, there is a perfect pair for you.

Kids’ Easy Shorts, P590; Men’s and Women’s Chino Shorts, P990

Easy and Breezy

Stay relaxed during the week, while wearing the men’s and women’s chino shorts. It is carefully designed to include details such as the coin pocket and chambray piping found at the back waist. Keep your children comfortable too as they attend their online class with the kids’ easy shorts designed for ease of movement and comfort.

Women’s Ultra Stretch Jeans, P1,990; Men’s EZY Jeans, P1,990

Out and About

Keep cool in functional pieces while running essential errands in your neighborhood. Throw on a pair of men’s EZY jeans to help you accomplish your tasks worry-free. It has a true denim look, with a lining that feels soft and comfortable. Stay comfortable while running errands or maintain a well-balanced life, while wearing the women’s ultra stretch jeans. It is made with ultra-stretch denim to keep you comfortable even on those busy days.

Women’s Wrap Mini Skort, P990

Sleek and Stylish

Running errands and living life in the new normal can also mean reinventing your personal style. Update your wardrobe with modern classics found in Uniqlo’s collection, with the men’s ultra stretch skinny fit color jeans, made with ultra-stretch fabric that allows for unrestricted movement, and the women’s wrap mini skort made with a chic and functional wrap design.

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