Julia Barretto, Marco Gumabao, and Marco Gallo recall experiences with manghuhula

Published September 6, 2021, 8:03 PM

by Robert Requintina

From left: Marco Gallo, Julia Barretto, and Marco Gumabao

Celebrities Julia Barretto, Marco Gumabao, and Marco Gallo admitted they had sought advice from fortune-tellers or soothsayers for enlightenment.

During a Zoom presscon on Sept. 6, the stars of the new teleserye “Di Na Muli” on TV5 recalled their experiences with manghuhula.

“Nag try ako na magpahula before. Pero parang trip-trip lang. Ang panghuhula naman is something you don’t have to take seriously, as in kailangan mo siyang sundin, kung ano yung hinula sa’yo. You don’t expect it to happen to you right away. Sometimes it will serve lang as a guide. Natawa ako sa hula sa akin. Nagpahula na ako once or twice na. Ang hinula sa akin ay mai-in love raw ako sa taong may anak. So far wala pa naman nangyayaring ganun,” said Gumabao, when asked if he had consulted soothsayers.

Barretto admitted she consulted a manghuhula for curiosity sake. “Yes of course, lalo na yung mga energy readers. Wala namang masama siguro, curious ka lang, na-excite ka lang. Pero mas naniniwala ako sa dasal. Masaya naman. Kung nangyari, ang galing nun huh? Pero hindi ako talaga dumedepende sa hula. Sa dasal pa rin ako.”

“My girlfriend is into this kind of stuff, mga hula-hula. Parang like sinabi ni Marco, hindi ko sila ginagamit as a guide. Hindi ko sila chine-check kung mangyayari or not. I do whatever I feel is better with my God,” said Gallo.

Julia Barretto

The three stars also shared their thoughts on regrets and self-love.

“I don’t believe in regrets. I am pretty grateful for where I am right now. I’m happy and contented. Siguro kung meron man ako na di na muling babalikan na moment or pangyayari sa buhay ko, siguro hindi ko na babalikan yung moment na kailangan ko na magpa-alam sa lolo ko. Masakit yung kailangan mong mag-paalam at mawala yung mahal mo sa buhay,” said Barretto.

Gumabao said: “I’m not the type of person na kapag may ginawa, ni-re-regret ko siya. Lahat ng decision natin sa buhay, they happen for a reason. So kapag may nagawa ako in the past, instead of saying na sana hindi nangyari yun, ako, I strive my best sana hindi ko ulit-ulitin. I won’t suffer and tell myself ‘sana hindi mo ginawa ito.’ Instead of regretting, it’s more of fixing kung ano yung nangyari before and change it for the better.”

“So far, I don’t have any stuff that I regret. I’m pretty happy about everything. I think the only issue in life that I don’t like to happen again is the version of me who always victimizes himself about the stuff that happen within his life and the stuff that I thought wasn’t my fault but actually was. I saw life differently. I think I don’t want to go back to that,” Gallo said.

Marco Gumabao

Barretto, Gumabao and Gallo appear together in the upcoming series “Di Na Muli.” Produced by Cignal and Sari-Sari Channel together with Viva Entertainment for TV5, ‘Di Na Muli tells the story of love found and lost⁠—moving forward in life without regrets. It is told through the eyes of Yanna, played by Baretto, a woman burdened with precognition of specific events in the future. 

Her ability makes her aware of how life is so fleeting and how time can pass you by if you fail to value every moment. She learns the importance of life and how it should be spent with love and by loving. 

Barretto plays alongside two of the hottest and most sought-after Marco’s in the industry today. Gumabao plays the role of Mico, the man who challenges Yanna’s perspective on love.

This series marks the first on-screen debut of the Julia-Marco tandem that fans have long been clamoring for. Their online vlogging has been gaining a strong fanbase, and their followers have been vocal about wanting to see them paired on screen. 

Marco Gallo

Gallo stars as CJ, Yanna’s long-time friend, through him, she learns to appreciate and value time with your loved ones. 

Also starring in this K-inspired romantic drama are Angelu De Leon and Bobby Andrews, known as one of the most sought-after love teams in the 90’s. Multi-awarded actor Baron Geisler also joins the cast, this time portraying an off-beat role. 

You can watch “Di Na Muli” every Saturday, 8PM, starting this Sept. 18 on TV5, Sari Sari on Cignal TV Ch. 3 and SatLite Ch. 30, and on Live and On-Demand via Cignal Play app.