Here’s how to have a pet-friendly home

Published September 6, 2021, 3:30 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Easy nine ways to do so

Being at home has given us a chance to have more meaningful relationships at home—even with our pets. So, aside from sprucing up our homes to make it WFH friendly, we also need to make sure our pets have the best home accessories.

Like their hoomans, pets also value their own spaces, be it in the living room or your bedroom. They need to have home accents they can all their own. Here are some tips and reminders to keep your furry kids safe and happy at home.

  1. Make it cozy.
    Assigning their own cozy space will help train your pets to get used to their own spots to rest and unwind.
  2. For clingy pets.
    Add a small bedding area in places you hang out a lot, like the living room or under the dining space, will help keep the clingy fur babies close to you.
  3. Keep a clean dining spot.
    Maintaining a spot where the furry kids can eat and drink will help them get used to staying there. Keep the main pet food away from your pet’s reach to keep things tidy. Get an automated pet feeder so meal times are fun.
  4. Organize all pet needs in one cabinet.
    Keeping them in one spot helps to make things organized.
  5. It’s always good to pet-proof the house.
    Put up a retractable fence so you can set boundaries between yours and your pet’s.
  6. Give them privacy.
    Choose more private spots for their pet bowls and litter box to give them more privacy.
  7. Set aside space for dogs who love to play.
    Dogs love to bathe and play on wet areas, so providing them a wet area with a platform for their muddy paws can secure other areas from getting wet and messy.
  8. Keep them active.
    Dogs love toys that they can chew, while cats love climbing up on playgrounds and scratching posts. Make sure to have these and play with them once in a while.
  9. Use pet-friendly disinfectants.
    Keep areas clean and germ-free with pet-friendly disinfectants and cleaners.

These pet-care tips will help keep the home tidy and clean, and your pets happy at home. Order online through Pet Express is one-stop shop for all your pet essentials, including high-quality pet food, toys, dog bed, crates, climbing gyms, and more.