This sustainability program inspires us to do good together

A global effort that is being implemented locally by Watsons

We all know the saying, "Look good and feel great!" But "doing good" is an even better feeling which Watsons has been advocating for years. Unbeknown to many, this health and beauty brand has a sustainable program that dedicates itself in projects of restoring thousands of perfect smiles through life-changing free surgeries to kids with cleft palates.

Not only do they do this, but they also work on reducing carbon dioxide emissions. And, along with it, offer its clientele with more sustainable choices. This is where the idea of clean beauty comes in.

In 1841, Watsons founder, Alexander Sirving Watsons gave free medicine to those who need them. This practice has been passed on from one generation to another. They've also put in extra efforts by launching its Social Purpose and Sustainability Vision 2030, a project they hope that will help make the world a better place for many years to come.


“Watsons has always been at the forefront of sustainability since its founding 180 years ago. In recent years, we’ve invested in various initiatives that take our commitment to the planet that sustains us all. And we are very glad that our customers and supplier partners have been very open to help Do Good for the planet through Watsons
Sustainability programs,” says Watsons general manager Danilo Chiong.

Part of its local efforts include a holistic sustainability program. With four pillars that anchor this vision—planet, community, people, customers—it is their mission to reduce environmental footprint with a goal of 65,000 kg. of trash collected from Trash for Cash program. Plus, 40 million plastic bottles to be recycled for projects dedicated to a sustainable planet. They have also given 3,300 perfect smiles through their free cleft surgeries and medicines to those who need them.

"It is truly encouraging to be part of Watsons Philippines' Do Good Webinars where we can show concrete ways for businesses to do their share not just for the planet but also for their stakeholders. It’s not every day that big brands come up with opportunities to take the lead in doing good and encourage its customers and partners to engage in meaningful climate action,” says commissioner of Climage Change Commission Atty. Rachel Herrera.