Andrea Brillantes reveals biggest pain: ‘Anong kulang sakin?’

Published September 2, 2021, 6:18 PM

by Neil Ramos

Being among more popular young actresses of this generation, Andrea Brillantes is quite happy where she is right now.

But beyond her pretty smile is a nagging pain.

It seems that even with her success, she can’t help but wonder why it had to take so long for her.

In fact, she admitted there were times that she would actually question why some newbies seem to have it easy, while she had to sacrifice a lot of blood, sweat, tears to achieve what she has.

Andrea explained, “Parang lahat ng taon na dasal nang dasal ako para makuha iyon. Tapos etong bagong to, makukuha niya lahat…Tapos ako, bakit? Ginawa ko naman lahat, nagdarasal ako araw-araw. Ilang taon na. Tapos mapupunta lang sa iba…”

“Anong kulang sakin, ano pa bang dapat kong gawin? Ang sakit-sakit. Sakit-sakit,” she added. “Parang plato (ako) na binasag… nakikita ko ang lahat ng taon na pinagtatrabahuhan ko.”

Who are these newbies causing Andrea pain?

Note that Andrea started her career as a 7-year-old.

She is now 18.