Macoy Dubs reacts to sexual harassment allegations

Published September 1, 2021, 12:27 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Macoy Dubs, the social media darling known for his hilarious “Auntie Julie” skits, recently apologized following the backlash he received after a video of him seemingly groping a certain workmate on “Lunch Out Loud” went viral.

On Instagram, the online content creator-TV host explained that they were just playing around.

“Hello. Yes po merong video sa Twitter na IG story ko with CJ, when I was still with ‘LOL.’ Let me explain my side and hear me on this one,” he wrote on his Instagram story.

According to Macoy, he acknowledges the video.

“I apologize if naka trigger pero hindi ko intention na mang harass or harassin si CJ. Magkaibigan kami at magkatrabaho. Naghaharutan/nagkukulitan kami sa IG story ko yes totoo naman,” he explained.

“I know some of you find it uncomfy to watch. But please trust me that it is never my intention to make CJ uncomfortable. I’m sorry if you see it that way,” he added.

Macoy recognized that capturing and uploading it online is a “mistake.” That’s why he talked to CJ and they are clear that they were just fooling around.

The influencer promises to be better.

“And those actions na nasa video ay di dapat tularan at di dapat gawing normal. Again, malinis ang intention ko sa tao. Owning this mistake/responsibility. Again, hindi ko tinotolerate ang sexual harassment.”

In a video, Macoy reiterated his explanation and cleared that he never touched CJ’s private part.

“Nagkukulitan kami na kunwari hihipuan,” was how he put it. “I’m really sorry kung naka-trigger sa inyo.”

“I just want to clear lang na it’s never my intention to harass CJ at sa katunayan po I even asked him if he’s comfortable na ganun yung IG story namin.”

Meanwhile, Macoy said he explained his side on Instagram stories because he feels it’s his safest space.

“So if you happen to see that video on Twitter, think first if that’s really my intention. Una sa lahat, hindi. Hindi ko intention. Nag usap rin kami ng taong nasa video, klaro, walang napahamak. Pangalawa, kung na-trigger ay patawad naman po sana. Mangyaring malaman ninyo na walang lugar sa akin at hindi pinahihintulutan ang manlamang ng kapwa. Pangatlo, babangon ako. Kapit lang.”

He added: “Hindi ako perpekto. Hindi rin ako malinis. Pero mabuti ang intention ko. Hindi ako pumapatay. Hindi ako nagnanakaw. Bago ako bigyan ng masasakit na salita, at mga maling paratang, sana makilala ninyo muna ako sa personal. Paalam na muna.”