4 celebs who are proud breastfeeding moms

Published September 1, 2021, 3:53 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Anne Curtis, Coleen Garcia, Iya Villania, Joyce Pring are just some of the many mamas who are sharing their breastfeeding journey

Gone are the days when breastfeeding in public was taboo. With proper information dissemination and education from doctors, experts, and even fellow mommy friends, this generation of moms know that breastfeeding is indeed one of the best things you can give to you children. It is also one of the best bonding experiences a mom will ever have with their precious ones.

Here are four celebrity moms who continue to inspire mothers all over to keep breastfeeding and for the younger moms, or even moms-to-be to try breastfeeding—even if it seems daunting.

Artwork by Ariana Maralit

Anne Curtis-Smith on gentle weaning and beating the baby blues
“17 months of breastfeeding in some pretty random places 🤱🏻 It wasn’t easy. I had my own struggles (let’s just say there was curling of toes and frozen cabbage involved—thanks, mum), but it’s been an unforgettable first time journey so far. One I’ll always cherish. All the little moments shared between her and I (hair pulling and biting included). BUT I also just want to share that there’s one thing I wasn’t aware of, that I kinda wish I knew—when I started dropping feeds (when food became her main source of nutrients), my hormones started changing and I was just very quiet and felt somewhat melancholic. I didn’t really notice until Erwan called me out. I did myself some reading and learned that it’s because of a drop of prolactin and oxytocin levels when you start to lessen feeds. 😭 But since I am weaning slowly, and breastfeeding only two to three times a day na lang, it’s become somewhat a gentle wean that’s helped me not have such an abrupt shift in hormones, but there’s definitely something that changes. So, there, just thought I’d share that this happens. Just in case you’re like me, and didn’t know and can prepare yourself for when that time comes. I am definitely treasuring every moment of my bf journey while it lasts And to all the mummas whom have had their own personal struggles with breastfeeding. You do you. You and your doctors will know what works for your little one and will keep them happy, busog, and content.”

Coleen Garcia-Crawford on having the best view while breastfeeding
“Because it’s #worldbreastfeedingweek. Breastfeeding has been a huge part of our journey. We started with Amari having the hardest time latching, and me crying often out of frustration and discomfort. It hasn’t been an easy ride, but hey they’re totally right when they say it gets better! I used to hate it, but I kept pushing on cause I was determined to see it through. (Thank you for helping me through it @abbievyabot)
Now, I love this part of our relationship so much, and I see it as such an honor and a blessing. I get the best view in the world when he looks me in the eyes, especially when he decides to smile or laugh, or blow milk all over our faces. It makes me laugh, too, when he tries to eat his foot at the same time, or when half of his body stands and starts bouncing while feeding in bed, and even when he stops mid-feed to stare at my nipple and pinch it. I wouldn’t trade this for anything, even though he has five painful teeth. Hay, gotta love little boys right?
Sending my love to all the Mamas out there. Regardless of how you choose to feed your baby, you are doing an incredible job!”

Iya Villania on giving the best for babies
When you’re late to the party and the crew is already packing up the set! I know it’s late but it’s still August somewhere in the world so here’s my entry for #WorldBreastfeedingAwarenessMonth Breastfeed but emote. Cheers to all the mamas who’ve made it thru breastfeeding and who continue to just find ways to feed their child the best way they can… breastfed or not.

Joyce Pring on enjoying tiny and magical moments
“In between takes, lapel mic still attached, I’m grateful for production teams, brands, clients, and family members enabling me to nurse Eliam as we shoot from home. I honestly feel like I wouldn’t have gone back to work this early if not for the privilege I enjoy (working from home). Tomorrow, Eliam turns two months old. Time is speeding by us, and I’m so grateful that I get to enjoy these tiny, magical moments with my smol bb—in between takes, lapel mic still attached.”