Viral priest Fr. Ferdinand Santos reveals how he stays sane during pandemic

Published August 30, 2021, 11:18 PM

by Robert Requintina

Fr. Ferdinand Santos

Viral priest Fr. Ferdinand Santos has revealed how he got into serious working out, as he encouraged the faithful to stay healthy and keep praying.

On social media, Fr. Santos said: “When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.” How’d I get into serious physical fitness? Asthma at 23, diabetes at 28. Not too keen on taking meds with their side effects, I got into serious working out instead. Choose health, choose positivity. You can.”


On Aug. 30, Santos went viral for his hot looks and his decision to go back to the Philippines to serve the poor in local parishes.

Santos said that the role of the priest is to bring people to the Lord.

“Folks, a priest’s life is meant to bring people to the Lord, to fulfillment and joy in life, and happiness in the next. We aren’t about self-promotion. So please let’s keep our focus on what matters: faith in God, hope for the future & love for each other,” the good-looking priest said.

Santos also encouraged netizens to be positive all the time.

“Hey folks, how about we keep things positive. Just a suggestion. A lot of things are already so sad all around us: so many dying, sick, losing their jobs and even going hungry. I was hoping to steer our conversations to positivity and hope. Could we do that?” he also said.

Santos also shared his room during the pandemic.

“My room during last year’s lockdown. This place kept me healthy and sane. Sadly, the gym I used to go to went belly-up. It wasn’t just the workouts that helped keep me sane – it was also the work of personally assembling all the equipment. All bought on Ebay,” he wrote in the caption.

Santos also told the faithful to keep praying during these trying times.

“Get vaccinated, wear your masks, observe social distancing and stay safe! This will pass. Meanwhile, we need to keep ourselves and one another safe. Keep praying too. The Lord listens,” he added.