Velasco cites 'known and unknown heroes' on Nat'l Heroes Day

Published August 30, 2021, 10:38 AM

by Mario Casayuran

The Philippines honors the “known and unknown heroes of the revolution who faced all odds and bravely fought” for the country’s independence, House Speaker Lord Allan Velasco on Monday, August 30, said in observance of National Heroes Day.

Velasco at AIPA

‘’They are the men and women whose selfless actions and service have helped to secure the freedoms and rights we now enjoy. This grateful nation has not forgotten and will never forget their heroism, courage and sacrifice,’’ Velasco said in a statement.

‘’As we celebrate National Heroes Day 2021, we must also pay tribute to the country’s modern-day heroes—our brave and dedicated medical frontliners and other essential workers—for the critical role they play as we unite to fight the COVID-19 pandemic,’’ he stressed.

‘’We must also salute the police, firefighters and soldiers who risk their lives every day to protect our communities. And lastly, we recognize our national athletes, the sports heroes who are a source of inspiration and strength for many Filipinos amid these trying times,’’ Velasco also said.