AzuThai box-ing

Published August 30, 2021, 2:17 PM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

In the world of Thai boxing, it’s quickness, adaptability, and resilience that make one a contender. With these same qualities, Chef J Gamboa and sister Malu have transformed some of the offerings at their AzuThai to be immediate contenders in this ongoing era of the pandemic. With so much activity, business and social, still limited to online chat rooms and Zoom meetings, the two put together special Zoom Party Box offerings that are such pleasing game changers.

The AzuThai Zoom Party Boxes come in three diverse selections. There’s Box A and B, and a Vegetarian Box C. Each box is stuffed with four to five containers, where you’ll find appetizers, main courses, their respective sauces, and dessertsand they bring to your home a filling sampling of the great Thai cuisine AzuThai is known for.

AzuThai Party Box

For Zoom party organizers, for virtual corporate events, meetings and launches, these Zoom Party Boxes are veritable slam dunks. As the one organizing, you only have to check if your recipients are vegetarian or not, arrange the delivery, and you’re guaranteed that with the beautiful understated packaging, the boxes will be the talk of your gathering.

The quality of the dishes and selections are top notch, they all guarantee full meals (in fact, don’t be surprised if some containers will be kept for a meal later in the day), and they’re priced in a manner that’s reasonable and thereby attractive when compared to some of the outlandish prices per box I’ve been seeing. Arguably, the pricing of these other super-expensive offerings have to do with the box itself, the packaging and frills—but let’s be honest, when I’m invited to these media events with lunch/dinner delivered; more than the box, I’m really after the meal that’s being served. On that count, these AzuThai Zoom Party Boxes truly deliver.

Chef J guarantees that each part box is prepared on the date specified by the customer. Their system accepts a minimum of 10 Party Boxes total per order, with minimums of five per kind. Customers arrange for the pick-up through courier of their choice, or AzuThai can arrange for a third-party service to deliver.

From Box A, the US Angus Boneless Beef Ribs and Bagoong Fried Rice with Prawns and Sweet Pork

Just to give you an idea, the contents of Party Box B are the following: Crispy Catfish Salad with Green Mango and Lime Dressing, Stir Fried Noodles with Chicken, Kale and Bean Sprouts, Shrimp Cake with Sweet Spicy Sauce, Penang Beef Curry with Shallots, Potatoes and Peanuts, Crispy Apahap Fillet with Black Pepper, Bagoong Fried Rice with Prawns, Sweet Pork, and Shrimp Paste, and Mango Sticky Rice. Now tell me that’s not a full meal that you’d savor while in a Zoom chat room. The Vegetarian Box is super-exciting as well!

And it goes without saying that one can still order a la carte at AzuThai. These boxes were created to help lessen the stress of decision-making for these Zoom events.

For more details, head to or [email protected]; or Viber your order to 09666345792. It’s the kind of Thai Box-ing I’m totally game for!