No Lore paints us a song about love and denial with single 'Lou'

Jerald Angelo as keyboardist and vocalist; Tita Halaman as vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, and painter

No Lore releases sophomore single, “Lou”, under indie record label Off The Record and the alt-pop song shrouds listeners in a beautiful but haunting moment of love, melancholy, and hope through playful synths, catchy beats, and poetic lyrics.

“Lou is the Scot word for ‘love’ but the song is about denying it. It portrays an image of a girl who hides the love she feels out of fear,” No Lore shares. “It’s about a traumatic girl named ‘Lou’ who’s afraid to fight for the things she loves. This song is about capturing that beautiful moment of desperate persistence out of love and courage.”.

“Lou” starts off with striking meanders; a jumping intro that is slowed down by haunting riffs, gradually rebuilding into a playful pre-chorus that lures listeners to agonize how Lou’s life changed after meeting the person only to be left behind because she could not fight for the one she loves.

The single, “Lou”, was first written as a poem by Tita Halaman on a gloomy day, which she later turned into a painting and is now used as the single’s cover art. Throughout the process, Tita would grab her acoustic guitar and create melodies out of the colors and emotions conveyed by both the poem and painting. Her brother, Jerald Angelo, joined her in jamming sessions and decided to record, mix, and master it in their home studio.

The single ends on a hopeful note as No Lore wanted to leave a lesson to listeners and all those who empathize with Lou, “If it sets your soul on fire, it’s always worth the fight! You’ll never really lose.”.

No Lore will be releasing a trilogy of prequel webisodes called “Lou and Sam” before the music video release of “Lou”. Directed by James Ocampo, “Lou and Sam” will introduce Lou and her story of love and denial, which will serve as the doorway to her inner struggles.

“Lou” by No Lore is now available to stream on all digital streaming platforms. Listen to “Lou” here:

Episode 1 of Lou and Sam is out now on social media and Off The Record’s YouTube channel.