HP wants you to get more work done with the latest Eye Ease Technology

Published August 27, 2021, 4:39 PM

by Jonathan Castillo

HP E27 G4 FHD Monitor

For people working from home, there are pros and cons to dealing with smaller screens. One advantage in the case of laptops is they’re more compact and easier to carry. But this might not be possible for those who want more screen space—both for work and play. So, the next best thing is to invest in a PC upgrade with a bigger, better monitor.

Just like owning a wide flatscreen TV, monitors like the HP E23 and HP E27 G4 FHD Monitors can help users see things more clearly and focus more on tasks. Here’s a detailed rundown of the perks of getting a bigger monitor, including how it can boost one’s productivity further.

Read documents in full HD

Bigger monitors help users read work documents and edit photos or videos in sharper detail. They can do these and more in full HD with the HP E23 and HP E27 monitors, which have three-sided micro-edge, flicker-free diagonal screens so users can see more of their work and have crisp images seen from any angle.

Multitasking is a breeze

A spacious screen reduces window management time, so users can maximize the space and have multiple windows open without any overlaps. Focusing on a primary task won’t be a problem with necessary documents readily available in one go.

Eye-safe monitor helps get things done quicker

Thanks to the multitasking advantage, users can work on tasks easier and get them done faster. No need to worry about eye strain after long hours when using HP’s E23 and E27 monitors designed with HP Eye Ease Technology. This is the first to have an always-on low blue light filter to protect eyes without affecting color accuracy. This technology will reduce chances of eye strain, blurriness, and migraines after spending long hours in front of the PC.

HP’s E23 and E27 G4 FHD Monitors are the most ideal for those who want to upgrade their work-from-home setup. With the help of HP’s Eye Ease Technology, working, playing, and watching movies on these big monitors will definitely be less of an eye-straining activity.

The HP E23 G4 FHD Monitor retails for P11,039.00, while the HP E27 G4 FHD Monitor is P14,469.00.

HP’s E-series monitor lets users see things more clearly while protecting their eyes with the HP Eye Ease Technology.

With its three-sided micro-edge, flicker-free diagonal screen, the HP E27 G4 FHD Monitor can reveal more windows in its spacious screen, adding more sharpness to details.