Kiko Estrada : ‘I am not a cheater’

Published August 24, 2021, 6:37 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Actor Kiko Estrada has belied insinuations he cheated on ex girlfriend Devon Seron with current girlfriend Heaven Peralejo.

He did so in an interview with Ogie Diaz.

Asked if his relationship with Devon overlapped with his romance with Heaven, he replied: “Wala po.”

According to him, he and Devon already ended their more-than-two-year-old relationship the past Valentine’s Day, while he and Heaven started “talking” only a month after.

Apparently, the issue surrounding them cemented their bond.

“We were just talking, and trying to get to know each other because we were formed through the controversy. Through the hardship, through the issue – we became closer,” Kiko shared.

“So, I would never expect na magiging kami.”

Kiko admitted it saddens him to see people reacting negatively to their relationship.

It’s the same reason why he chose to break his silence – to clarify and make clear his side of the story, particularly with things going “overboard.”

He then declared: “I am not a cheater.”

He added, “Nothing like that happened. Kasi kung totoo tatanggapin ko. I mean, we have to live with it, di ba? Because it’s the truth and the truth will set you free. But this is not, this is something na they would want to believe.”

As to Devon, Kiko said, “I wish her the best.”

And to Devon’s family?

“For me, I respect their whole family. And I know, they’re hurt with what happened. And I’m sorry if I hurt them as a family and I never intended to. But I just hope they stop. I just hope they move on.”

“I don’t know how long this bashing would be, but I hope people would understand the real story. That’s why I needed to go out and talk to you about this and to clarify the sequencing or the truth about what happened.”

As if he hasn’t already said enough, Kiko went on to insist that as much as he was hurting as well with his and Devon’s breakup he found it necessary to move on.

“Hindi ko naman siguro kasalanan. I moved on. And you know, sino bang hindi gustong mag-move on sa nakaraan? Who doesn’t wanna find happiness kung malungkot ka?”