Isko Moreno on being a former sexy actor: ‘What’s wrong with that?’

Published August 22, 2021, 7:17 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno doesn’t see anything wrong with his previous sexy movies and photos.

“Without malice. As an actor, you know, you have to be professional. It’s just work,” said Isko during an interview by Toni Gonzaga-Soriano.

“Whether kahit mag hilata ka sa kalsada, or para kang hinuhulog sa building or papakain sa buwaya, or susuntukin ng bida, it doesn’t matter. It’s just plain and simple work. You have to portray a character,” he added.

Isko admitted he appeared in sexy movies for Seiko Films in his younger days.

He was around 21 or 22 when he made his first sexy movie, the mayor said.

Isko recalled he would just take his clothes off in the movies, and he would earn a six-figure paycheck.

“I mean what’s wrong with that? Wala naman akong pinurwisyo na kapwa ko. Basta ako, trabaho.”

After five years in showbiz, he shifted to politics.

Broadcast journalist Karen Davila has defended Isko from critics of his dark past.

Karen’s post was retweeted along with the clip of President Duterte throwing shade at a local chief executive for his steamy photos, asking Filipinos to think twice before voting for someone who was trained to be a “call-boy.”

Duterte did not name names, but many people believe he was referring to Isko. The President also referred to the same mayor, who was reportedly “disorderly and disorganized” in the distribution process of cash aid.

In the same interview, Isko also talked about his humble beginning as a garbage collector, as well as, his opinion on running for the highest position in the country.

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