Health protocol breach of Arjo Atayde’s team in Baguio City settled

Published August 22, 2021, 11:53 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) Chairperson Liza Diño has issued a statement on the controversial production shoot of Feelmaking Productions in Baguio City.

“As FDCP has been informed of the incident with the Feelmaking Production in Baguio City, I personally reached out to Mayor Benjamin Magalong to discuss the details and how we can help address the concerns,” she wrote on Facebook.

According to her, Mayor Magalong informed her that the Feelmaking Productions team has been closely coordinating with the City of Baguio already through producer Ellen Criste and that matters have been “settled.”

“As regards to the case of Mister Arjo Atayde, the Mayor acknowledged the actions of his family to rush him to the hospital. Any worried parent would react the same but at the same time, he reiterated the importance of compliance to the protocols set by the government to ensure the safety of the community. He also emphasized that while Baguio has been accommodating to film shoots, restrictions are in place to keep everyone safe and that must be strictly followed.”

“And that while there may be lapses, it’s important to take accountability and it’s good that the production is coordinating closely with the City,” she related.

She also announced that Baguio is still open to production shoots and that filming is welcome as long as coordinated properly with relevant agencies like FDCP and DOLE and most importantly, the City of Baguio.

“He also said that should the Feelmaking production team choose to finish their production in Baguio, they may still do as long as details are coordinated with the City and compliance to protocols will be strictly observed,” she added. “We hope that this addresses all matters related to the incident. Let’s all wish for Arjo’s fast recovery as he is still in the hospital being treated for covid-19.”

“P.S. As of today, August 21, productions shoots are allowed under MECQ conditions as per DOLE-DTI-DOH JAO at 50 pax maximum per day. Let’s all practice SAFE FILMING! #teamFDCP #SafeFilmingPH.”


Posted by Liza Diño-Seguerra on Friday, August 20, 2021

Meanwhile, ABS-CBN reporter MJ Felipe also shared some details about the meeting of reps from Baguio City and Feelmaking.

“LOOK: FeelMaking Production Head Ellen Criste with her co-producers after meeting with Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong. Both parties discussed the protocols and the initially reported ‘violations’, to which Criste clarified with the LGU,” MJ wrote on Twitter.

In an interview with Criste, Mayor Benjie gave them the go signal to finish filming on the last day of their project, as soon as those affected by the virus are cleared, have recovered, and still following the protocols enforced by the city.

MJ also tweeted that the departure of Arjo after his swab test result showed positive, was Criste’s judgment call, coordinated with the actor’s mother Sylvia Sanchez.

“Arjo was the only one, among those who tested positive, that showed symptoms like difficulty breathing, fever. Also, Arjo has asthma,” he said.

As for all other positive individuals – eight actors and one staff, were all asymptomatic and have left Baguio and now in isolation.

“All their needs including medicine and food, are well taken cared of by the Ataydes,” MJ related.

He shared that all 23 crew members who got close contact, tested negative from the virus.