FAMOUS: Quest brings an inspiring sense of nostalgia in new track ‘Good Old Days’

Published August 20, 2021, 7:01 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment


THESE days, isn’t it nice to just sit and think about the “good old days?” Especially in those moments when you don’t know what to think anymore; when the disorder of your private space is tied with this distressing era, sometimes it’s comforting to know that we still have core memories to look back on. Multi-talented artist Quest’s new single “Good Old Days” wants nothing but to share that nostalgic feeling with you.

If you’re familiar with Quest’s music, you’ll know that uplifting and motivating fans have always been his M.O. “Good Old Days” belongs to the kind of music that leaves its listeners with a feeling of renewed warmth and hope. “’Good Old Days’ is a song reminiscent of the time before the pandemic: how we used to play, work amidst the new normal. I want to share a message of hope to everyone. Learn from our losses and stand back better from our failures. To remind ourselves that life will only get better if we choose to respond properly,” Quest says.

Bring it back to the feeling / Hear the church choir singing / Family meals on a Sunday / Drive down the highway / Doing things our way, says Quest in the bridge of “Good Old Days,” remembering a simpler time. “I miss fellowship with my loved ones. I miss travelling abroad. I miss watching a movie in the cinemas. I miss the old normal.” he adds, talking about some of the things that he misses.

As the third song on Warner Music Philippines’ #GLOPM roster, “Good Old Days” gave Quest a chance to team up with two Filipino Canadian producers who have worked with Chika, Christina Aguilera, Alessia Cara, Akon, and Little Mix among others. On how the collaboration started, Quest shared, “I have the chorus playing in my head for quite a while even before meeting KUYA Productions, but I just couldn’t find the right pieces to build it. We actually finished it in less than three Zoom production sessions (three hours combined if I’m not mistaken).”

“Good Old Days” reveals bittersweet truths about living–or surviving–in the “new normal.” Quest makes sure that we’re both looking at the world by also looking inward—reveling in nostalgia, embracing the present, and still looking forward to the future.

“That you can take that good feeling you had in the past and find it again in the future. Life will always be filled with good and bad moments, people, opportunities. I guess I have learned to magnify the good and learn from the bad. The moment I embraced my life with all my strengths and weaknesses, that’s when I’ve learned to celebrate every moment given to me. I maximize what I currently have. Stay grateful in the now. But also aim to grow and succeed along the way.” he said.

Over the past years, Quest has given us songs that are rooted on faith, positivity, and self-reflection, on his responsibility as an artist, he expressed, “Because those three elements will help you propel in life. Being sure of what you hope for (Faith), having the courage and confidence that you will get to your destination (Positivity outlook), and to always be in a place of humility, so we can learn and grow through wins and losses (Self-reflection). They sometimes say you win, most of the time you learn. Learn things to grace.”