Cherry announces two new smart air purifiers

Published August 20, 2021, 8:40 AM

by MB Technews

More than a year later, people are still locked up indoors due to the pandemic. Last year, CHERRY started offering health essential products for added protection given our current situation. Now, it introduces its first air purifiers, the Smart Air Purifier Max SAP-1000 and Smart Air Purifier Ultra SAP-3000.

According to Cherry, both air purifiers are capable of eliminating airborne viruses. They have 99.98% PM 2.5 purification rate and are equipped with five various medical grade filters: Primary Filter which sifts dust, De-formaldehyde Particulate Matter which strains liquid or droplets, Activated Carbon which filters out bacteria, H13 HEPA Grade Filter which plays the most crucial role as it is responsible for filtering viruses that measure to no less than 0.010 microns, and finally, the Negative Ion Release which emits negative ions or healthy anions that help prevent colds, flu, hay fever, and asthma.

These air purifiers are also the first from the brand which can be controlled via the Cherry Home application. If your smartphone is not with you, worry not as you can still operate these manually through its control panel and remote control. They also have child lock and lid off features, making them kid-friendly options.

The Smart Air Purifier Max SAP-1000 has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 600m3/hr, and can efficiently cover an area size of 72sqm. It has a 2-layer filter with 5 levels of purification. Get it for P14,500.

Meanwhile, the Smart Air Purifier Ultra SAP-3000 boasts of as much as of 800m3/hr CADR, four layers of filter, and can reliably cover a room size of 90sqm. Get this at home for P19,999.

No amount is equivalent to health and safety. Make sure to equip your home with maximum and ultra-protection with the Cherry Home Smart Air Purifier Max SAP-1000 and Smart Air Purifier Ultra SAP-3000.

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