DAZE, rising singer-rapper from Angeles City

Published August 19, 2021, 7:50 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment


What makes the 21-year-old Dale Paras, DAZE? “Living in Angeles City really helped me in pursuing music.”

With a goal to channel boundless energy and creativity towards creating music that everyone can vibe to, DAZE has left plenty for listeners to unravel on repeat listens with the success of his hit debut single, “Diwata” featuring online sensation Zendee.

At the age of 3, Dale, now known as DAZE, moved to Angeles City in the province of Pampanga to be able to live closer to his father’s family and relatives. Growing up with music by his side, it is no secret that he started writing his own songs when he was fifteen years old.

His own father, who was once part of a band called “Voices of Men” and later on came to be a music ambassador of the city, inspired him to undergo an odyssean journey that led him to create an immersive sound and a cinematic style of storytelling, resulting in a colorful reflection of his identity, community, and beliefs that we now slowly start to see unravelling.

“My city is thriving and always evolving,” shares DAZE. “There are a lot of local artists here that people [already] listen to, so in order for you to be heard, you really need to work hard and focus on your craft.” Along with having a profound passion for music and possessing the knowledge that his beloved town is also home to a number of uniquely talented artists, this exposure inspired the singer-rapper to showcase his own. He recalls, “A lot of hip-hop artists and rappers visit and perform here in our city. I got the chance to know them and that greatly contributed to my music.”

Right before the pandemic struck, DAZE spent most of his days in the city library to read books with the majority of them coming from the fiction section (shoutout to John Green’s Paper Towns!). “Reading helps me when I write songs,” He explains. “It expands my vocabulary and gives me ideas on what to write.” It is also in the same library where he plays the guitar and hangs out with friends to jam together.

A city packed with deep history and culture, it is also recognized as the culinary capital of the Philippines. Looking back, DAZE fondly remembers the time he went to his Lola’s house for the first time and got a taste of the Kapampangan cuisine.

He declares, “We Kapampangans make the best food.” Sisig with or without egg? Mayonnaise? Aling Lucing’s original sisig will tell you what the right stuff is made of. “I’d bring my friend to eat there, then to Bale Angeleño to learn more about the history of our city,” he says, beaming with pride. Living in a vibrant and colourful place such as Angeles City really does wonders to the self.

Filled with historical significance, dotting landscapes and bright lights that emanates an overall laid back vibe, it is no doubt that this city has greatly shaped DAZE to the person we are seeing, and now, knowing.

Take it from DAZE: All you need is good food, a supportive family, and friends you can count on to be your best self. He takes no Ls as he strives to bring music that speaks of narratives and above all, radiates positivity. So, What happens when your home is where your heart is? Hit up our homeboy, DAZE, and he might just give you the answer.