WTFu (What the FU) by MR.FU: My love for the Queen of Pop

Mr. Fu

I am an avid fan of Madonna who celebrated her 63rd birthday last Aug. 16.

I cannot remember how my admiration for her started. All I know was it was in the 80s when she started to become popular. (baby pa ako nun ha!) I am proud to say that I know all of her songs. (iba memorized, yung iba kahit lyrics may ma-contribute naman ako!) My all-time favorite is “Like a Prayer” especially when it is given a dramatic version in her concerts. ( parang may divine intervention!)

I enjoy all her music videos even if some conservative people do not like them. (bilang di naman ako sa conservative!) One of my personal favorites is “Rain”. It has a simple concept, but her aura in the video is simply captivating! (parang “no effort effort” lang ganyan!)

I love her “evolution” as an artist. (pero wala naman akong balak magmakeup transformation ala Madonna!) Everytime she releases a new album or a new song, she offers something new. (mapa tunog, itsura o gimik basta may pasabog ang lola mo!)

I adore her spirituality. (wow may basbas ng langit!) She may have that daring image as a performer but she knows her core, her heart. (may puso?!) It was in 1996 when she discovered the spiritual wisdom Kabbalah. Since then, her views in life changed. She maintained her feisty persona but she would always incorporate Kabbalah teachings on her craft. Incidentally, five years ago, I found Kabbalah, and it is still a very big part of my life now. (siyempre nung una akala ko feeling Madonna lang ako pero hindi, may purpose sya sa life ko!)

On Feb. 24, 2016, she had a concert at the MOA Arena in Pasay. I got my SVIP ticket, one year before the concert itself! (oo SVIP! Yung kita pores ni lola at matalsikan ako ng laway n'ya!) I had to use some of my personal savings just to avail it. (siempre medyo ginto ang presyo ha! ) I was crying at the start of her opening number. (Yung nakalagay sya sa hawla at bumaba yung hawla mula sa ere!) She had this enormous stage that even if we were in front, we decided to jump from one area to another for us not to miss anything. (daig ang stalker!)

I just have one wish as I continue to support the Queen of Pop. I hope she can be my friend. (yung close ha! na may regular kamustahan via Zoom!)

Happy birthday Madonna! Love and light! (ikaw reyna namin!)

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