This cold-chain food service delivers frozen goods in −20°C right to your doorstep

Published August 18, 2021, 4:34 PM

by John Legaspi

Get your frozen supplies here stat!

Food delivery and personal grocery shoppers found its peak during the height of the pandemic. As the public is advised to minimize outside activities and errands, getting your favorite meals and pantry supplies handed to you at your doorsteps provides a much safer and efficient way to get your needs.

But getting food delivered has its own limitations as well. Warm meals such as soups and ramen may not be at their best once they reach your place. With our tropical weather, having frozen products delivered by your trusted courier may not be the best step to take. Unless they have proper storage to carry out the duty, that will be a game changer.

That’s what aims to bring to consumers, getting frozen or chilled foods delivered right at people’s places as frozen, cold, and fresh as they were first flash frozen.

“People didn’t believe in frozen food,”says Gerald Egrasse, a French food industry veteran whose experience in France and French Africa led him to the Philippines. “But frozen is mostly defrosted food, thawed in transit, then frozen again at home. Undergoing multiple temperature changes from the market and multiple defrosting robs food of quality.”

To avoid it, the food service delivers frozen supplies in its −20°C freezer, a thing that sets it apart from other delivery services. also has an interactive website that gives consumers a wide array of products categorized by section. Helping consumers make more informed choices about what they eat, the website houses an encyclopedic of information, including product description, health benefits, cooking instructions, ingredients, place of origin, recipe suggestion, and nutrition facts.

It also makes it easier for consumers to immediately spot the best products through three quality seals. Health Food for the healthiest options with no additives, Proudly Pinoy for the highest-quality locally-sourced choices, and Authentic French for products imported from France or made with French ingredients.

Here are some of its bestsellers:

Lamb leg (bone in) available in 2.4 to 3.2 kilograms for P1,7950, frozen and vacuum-packed from Australia or New Zealand.

Ready-to-bake butter croissant dough in packs of six for P320. mango jam for P149 per 270 grams jar.

Whole salmon fillet (skin on) 1.8 to 2.0 kilograms pack from Chile or Norway costs P1,880.

“Unlike when shopping onsite in supermarkets where buyers tend to handle and smell products before buying,” Gerald explains. “It assures you of quality products without these risks.”

“If you order before 2 p.m., you get your goods by refrigerated truck between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. the following day,” he advises. “For same-day delivery, you have to order before 12 noon and pay P250 for a dedicated motorcycle rider to bring you your order in an insulated cooler at −20°C.”

Minimum order is P2,000 plus P90 delivery fee within Metro Manila. If the order costs P5,000 and above, delivery is free. For the meantime, only entertains orders within Metro Manila, isn’t encouraging pickups, and accepts Gcash.