The allure of a beachtown address

Published August 13, 2021, 8:50 AM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

Picture yourself waking up on a sunny morning, heading to work in the next room or just a walk down the road, and having a breathtaking ocean view to be part of your whole day experience. Sounds like a dream, right? Like it’s more the stuff of family vacations or long weekends? But it’s a dream, and a way of everyday life, that just might be right around the corner, if you’d pay attention to what Landco has to offer.

Landco is all about more than 30 years of expertise in luxury living – creating world-class leisure communities, resort-inspired condominiums, and luxury homes and enclaves. A subsidiary of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC), Landco is now poised to expand its portfolio of seaside leisure development in the Philippines; and two development teams in nearby Batangas, CaSoBē and Club Laiya, are definitely worth your consideration.

CaSoBē artist’s perspective featuring contemporary facilities and a lighthouse.

This worthy consideration is especially timely given the world we’ve been embroiled in over the last year and a half. The COVID-19 pandemic and its variants have made overcrowded urban living much less desirable; and when one factors in how WFH (work from home) and online learning are the bywords, and that’s predicated on your WiFi signal, plus the opportunity to be there ahead of the curve as more and more individuals and families seriously consider living outside the NCR – these all add up to making the move to be closer to nature, to enjoying cleaner air and water activities year-round, but still enjoying the trappings of modern civilization, that much more attractive.

Splendid sunsets at CaSoBē
CaSoBē’s modern art installation functions as lamp posts and gives one a feeling of walking inside a structure of a ship or a ribcage of a whale.

CaSoBē (Calatagan South Beach) is a LEED-registered Beachtown community. Unlike Punta Fuego which is more a weekend retreat/ residential estate, the 15-hectare CaSoBē is master-planned to be a thriving mix of seaside residential homes, and beachside retail and commercial establishments. The CaSoBēHarbour Estates are conceptualized as lots where property owners can put up a beach house, which double up as a resort business to serve the community and tourists. There’s a Retail Row, a Harbour Walk, and an Activity Block – with lot sizes ranging from 356 square meters to 890 square meters.

Aquaria with three-story slides at CaSoBē.
Crusoe Cabins at CaSoBē

You have to think Long Island in New York, and how so many of the little towns there are self-sufficient, thriving communities, to visualize what Landco has in mind for CaSoBē. It’s about investing in the future, about taking the plunge into a lifestyle away from the confines of the city, and still being financially independent to make that shift viable. With CaSoBē Development, all lots are near the beach, there are pedestrianized streets, 24/7 security with CCTV, a Beach Promenade, hotel-like Property Management Service, and the all important, Common Area Estate WiFi.

Aerial perspective of Club Laiya amenities.

Over at the 24-hectare Club Laiya, which is likewise LEED registered, on the other side of the Batangas coastline, you have a rising community with residential/ commercial-ready lots along the San-Juan Laiya Road. Just like Calatagan, Laiya is a fast-growing area for leisure seekers, with so many resorts dotting the coastline.

What Club Laiya promises is owning a prime beachfront lot along the Praia Coast. Lots being offered range from 300 square meters to a palatial 3,150 square meters. The planned Copa Loop and the Club Laiya Boulevard will be the tourist-centric lots where your domicile can also function as your place of business. 

Beach Club and Cocoons by night at Club Laiya.

For starter families, it would be ideal to put up the community nursery school and kindergarten, or go into retail. And like CaSoBē, you have all the Development features, and the Common Area Estate WiFi. There’ll be a Beach Club, and a slipway for small boats and jet skis. Again, you’re not talking about a closed enclave, but an open community where day visitors can drop by and enjoy a day in the sun. But as a resident/business owner, you’ve found your little slice of beach heaven. Whether you’re still have strings attached to Metro Manila, served by the WiFi; or have become a resort business owner, there’s a new life beckoning.

Club Laiya’s artist’s perspective showing modern parks, promenades, and commercial spaces.

Investors, residents, and tourists in both properties get to enjoy a myriad of resort amenities operated by Landco’s Millennial Resorts. Facilities include unconventional accommodations like the surreal capsule-like rooms of Cocoons at Club Laiya and Crusoe Cabins with a beachfront view of Calatagan sunsets.

You are spoilt for choice with resort attractions, namely Aquaria, a water park with a three-story pool slide at CaSoBē and soon-to-open facilities such as Captain Barbozza restaurant and bar, event venues Canopy and the Isle, and Colony, a modern and hip beachside co-working space.

Club Laiya Beach Club
Cocoons at CaSoBē

It’s obvious that this will take a different kind of mindset, something the younger generations may find attractive and are game for. For multi-generational families, parents can opt to invest in Club Laiya and CaSoBē to build a dream beach home which can also be a place for their children and grandchildren to launch their dream business or express their creativity and passion within a beachside community. This isn’t just about building a retirement home, or securing a weekend retreat – while that’s fine and also in the cards, this is literally uprooting your city-bound mentality and letting it bloom in a beach setting.

Given Landco’s track record of property appreciation, which historically increased at an average of more than 400 percent across all its projects, owning a lot at these properties is a lasting legacy that ensures the financial security of the next generation.

Whether as in investment or as a true lifestyle shift, Landco is making that possibility that much more attractive, and reachable. For more information about Landco Pacific Corp. and Leisure Tourism Estates: Club Laiya and CaSoBē, visit or FB page @LandcoPacificCorporation.