SB19’s recent online concert will have a rebroadcast soon

Published August 13, 2021, 3:00 PM

by Jules Vivas

The boys are back

P-POP REPRESENT SB19 during their online concert from left: Ken, Josh, Justin, Pablo, and Stell

If you missed SB19’s “Back in the Zone” concert last Aug. 1, there’s still a chance for you to watch the show as it is slated to have a rerun on Aug. 22.

SB19 is currently the face of Pinoy pop-music, representing the country in the world stage, going head-to-head against some of today’s most prominent international artists like Black Pink, BTS, and even Ariana Grande. The boy group, consisting of Stell, Josh, Pablo, Ken, and Justin, has attained global stardom. It has been acknowledged and nominated in one of the biggest international music awards, the Billboard Music Awards (BBMA). The members have even been interviewed by iconic media platforms, such as magazines the likes of Forbes and Rolling Stone.

“Back in the Zone” was a huge success. If one recalls, the VVIP and VIP tickets sold out immediately after SB19 announced their concert on social media mid-July. So now, the boys are giving Atin’s, their fan base, the chance to watch or—for those who have seen the virtual event when it was first aired—re-watch the digital program.

As SB19 announced in their official social media pages earlier on Aug. 3, the first replay will be on Saturday, Aug. 22, 10 a.m. Philippine time. The second and last replay, meanwhile, will be on the same day in the evening, 7 p.m. Philippine time. Those interested may buy a ticket for ₱550 via KTX.PH.

SB19’s “Back in the Zone” online concert sets the record as the highest-selling concert on the platform, according to KTX. The event had over 14,000 unique viewers, which also makes it one of the most successful online concerts in the country to date.

The boys are giving Atins, their fan base, the chance to watch or—for those who have seen the virtual event when it first aired—re-watch the digital program.

Aside from their hit tracks from the Get in the Zone album, they also performed for the first-time songs from their hit EP Pagsibol. In true concert format, solo performances that featured covers and unreleased original compositions were also present during the online event.

Soon to be released as well on  are the “Back in the Zone” limited-edition, official merchandise.

Pagsibol has six tracks namely, “What?,” “Bazinga,” “Mapa,” “Mana,” “SLMT,” and “Ikako.” The EP is a testament to the boy’s growth as artists and explains the origins of the group. It is out now on music platforms Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and more.