These cell phone cases may look cool but they can get you into trouble

Published August 12, 2021, 8:41 PM

by Noel Pabalate

Designs of cellphone cases have evolved creatively through the years. We saw some imitating cassette tapes, vintage instant cameras, pocketbooks, old school Gameboy, hand mirror, electrical outlet, frying pan, and more. And now, mobile cases that look like deadly weapons are also available.

However, using such replicas in public places like in shopping malls can get you into an inconvenient situation. An experience of Icole De Guzman Gleane upon entering a shopping mall in Pulilan, Bulacan is a perfect example and, ultimately, a warning.

Icole De Guzman Gleane shows her cleaver knife mobile phone case.

Icole shared on Facebook that when she carried her cleaver knife mobile case in a mall where she is scheduled to see her dentist last week, two security guards immediately stopped her. Then, one more guard and a mall officer also came at once to check on her too. Fortunately, when they learned that it was just a cell phone case, she was spared.

Since it was not the first time she was held up when entering the mall, Icole said that she will not use the thick knife case anymore.

Gun-shaped cellphone case.

Aside from the knife case, there are also gun-shaped cases that can now be bought online. But take note, this is riskier to carry outside.

Even though there is no clear law that says toy guns are prohibited, there are some cities that came up with an ordinance to ban them from selling and using as they can be possibly used for a crime.

Moreover, Section 3.21 under Article I of the Republic Act 10591 states that “For purposes of the law, the barrel, frame or receiver is considered a firearm.” So if you carry a fake pistol as long as it has the mentioned parts, it could be confiscated, or worse, you could be subject to apprehension.

We are not stopping you from using these kinds of mobile phone accessories. Yes, they’re unique and cool. Also, they may be fun to use. But, you should know at least the consequences of carrying them in public, especially in front of law enforcers.