Fil-Am doctor honored with own Barbie doll

Published August 12, 2021, 11:44 AM

by Jaleen Ramos

Dr. Audrey Sue Cruz is the first Filipino-American physician to become a Barbie role model.

Cruz, a 29-year old internal medicine physician from Las Vegas, Nevada, was among the six frontline workers honored with a Barbie doll for their contributions in the fight against COVID-19.


“I’ve been made into a @Barbie doll!… Here’s to breaking barriers, speaking truths, and empowering the next generation,” Cruz wrote in an Instagram post, alongside a photo of her holding her mini-me Barbie.

“With this honor, I hope to shine a light on the commitment and compassion all frontline workers exhibited over the past year and a half and every single day,” she added.

The doctor added she hopes to represent women of color and working mothers who are balancing their careers while raising a family.

“This doll is a reminder that it doesn’t matter what your skin color is, or what background you come from,” Cruz said.

“Cheers to diversity. And cheers to frontline workers all over the country who have fought and continue to fight this pandemic,” she added.

The six-doll collection was part of Mattel’s #ThankYouHeroes program to recognize frontline workers who led the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

“Barbie recognizes that all frontline workers have made tremendous sacrifices when confronting the pandemic and the challenges it heightened,” said Lisa McKnight, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Barbie & Dolls, Mattel, in a statement.

“To shine a light on their efforts, we are sharing their stories and leveraging Barbie’s platform to inspire the next generation to take after these heroes and give back. Our hope is to nurture and ignite the imaginations of children playing out their own storyline as heroes,” she added.

Aside from Cruz, registered nurse Amy O’Sullivan from the US, Dr. Chika Stacy Oriuwa of Canada, Prof. Sarah Gilbert of United Kingdom, Dr. Jaqueline Goes de Jesus of Brazil, and Dr. Kirby White of Australia were also among those honored with a one-of-a-kind Barbie doll.

The dolls can now be purchased on or in retail stores. Five dollars of each purchase of Barbie doctor, nurse, and paramedic will be donated to the First Responders Children’s Foundation.