Janella Salvador on her biggest challenge after becoming a mom

Published August 11, 2021, 6:09 PM

by Neil Ramos

Janella Salvador is eager to make a showbiz comeback.

She is hoping to do so soon — after she losses a few more extra pounds that is.

Not that she considers it the biggest hurdle in her effort to recapture lost glory.

The singer-actress is more concerned being able to convince fans she is still the Janella Salvador they all loved.

She told Erich Gonzales, “I’m out to prove that nanganak lang naman ako, like, I’m still Janella. I just gave birth, but I still can do what I can do. ‘Yung mga nagagawa ko dati, nagagawa ko pa rin naman.”

“I can still act, I can still sing. All I have to do is lose more weight. Basically, I just want to prove not just to others but also to myself na kayang-kaya. Motherhood doesn’t stop someone from achieving their dreams.”

Janella is hopeful that people are willing to give her a chance.

“Well, for sure, it’s obvious naman na when people in our line of work get pregnant, lalo na at my age, ang daming different opinions and, like, judgments… hindi mawawala yung notion na parang, ‘ay sayang,’ parang ganun…”

She believes coming out to admit she is a mother would help her cause.

“I’m sure mas open na din yung mga tao kasi ang dami ko din namang mga messages na congratulating me and ang dami ding mga positive messages…”

Janella was being built up by ABS-CBN as among the country’s next big stars that is, until she became pregnant, subsequently giving birth to her and Markus Paterson’s love child, last year.