Cebu bet to Miss Universe Philippines 2021 tagged by critics as DDS

Published August 11, 2021, 6:53 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

An aspiring beauty queen from Cebu, Steffi Aberasturi, recently dominated the online world. 

She became a hot topic following her controversial pasarela for Miss Universe Philippines (MUP) stint. 

Note, that the 26-tear-old model uses Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) as her catwalk for the runaway challenge. 

Many online users were quick to praise Steffi’s performance.

“Steffi understood the assignment. Her production and presentation highlighted what needed to be highlighted in this runway challenge: the PASARELA. Maraming entries failed to understand that this particular round calls to showcase the candidate’s WALK and PRESENCE as she sashays on the stage. Steffi’s strides are NATURAL, POWERFUL and ASSURED. Ang lakas ng magnetic field ni sis kahit lumiit sya sa drone shots kitang kita mo yung linis ng galaw at nagsusumigaw na charisma. She is Israel ready. This is not the time to crown someone na parang may lakad lang sa kanto. Steffi is the MOMENT,” one wrote. 

Another added: “I wasn’t sure about Steffi not until I saw this video. Danggg, she’s so consistent. That pasarela walk is a top tier. Surely, she’s the one to beat. She deserves to get the top 1 on the voting. Plus, this is the only RUNWAY CHALLENGE that is relavant and really followed the theme of a legit runway challenge. Other candidates’ runway challenge were more on highlighting their faces, aura dun aura dito like what?? Girls, we’re judging your WALK specifically your PASARELA WALK. You better watch Steffi’s video so that you would realize where did you go wrong or why people are enjoying on this video. Kanal Jonas Gafud should be fair this time. Stop siding on your previous camp.”

Others also noted how the quality of Steffi perfectly fits the Miss Universe pageant. 

“I hope this won’t go to waste. This video production screams UNIVERSE!!!”

However, online users started deeming Steffi as Diehard Duterte Supporter or DDS, which is a common tag used by the opposition.

Steffi quickly became a victim of social media cancel culture, the practice of engaging in mass canceling as a way of expressing disapproval and exerting social pressure.

But, Steffi’s supporters immediately defended their idol.

Many revealed that the “DDS” tagged was started by Rabiya Mateo’s designer, Marc Rancy.

READY FOR THE UNIVERSE. 💙Rabiya glows in her custom blue @marcrancy dress paired with diamond jewelry by @lunabydrakedustin #missuniverse #philippines #rabiyamateo

Posted by Marc Rancy on Friday, April 16, 2021

GET THE LOOK. Rabiya’s Pre-Departure look for Miss Universe consists of three homegrown brands and the genius of @teamrainxem .

Posted by Marc Rancy on Friday, April 9, 2021

Apparently, Marc posted a cryptic post on his social media account.

“Hayuk na Hayuk ang mga bakla sa nilabas na Runway Video ni Ghourl. Infair, Mahusay. Pero staunch DDS si Ghourl. That would be a hard pass. And di ba lahat ng kanality halos nirerequire na lahat na lang may higher meaning or purpose, na kahit damit nga dapat must stand for something, na lahat May story: Pwes, ito na yun. DDS siya,” it read.

“Give the crown’s clout to someone who can actually champion truth, fairness and freedom for everybody, and not in any way beholden to the clowns running the gov’t. Tuesday Hanash. Yun lang. Byeeeee.”

Netizens are convinced it’s about Steffi’s video, featuring the Build! Build! Build! (BBB) Program, which is the centerpiece program of the Duterte administration.

The 8.5-kilometer CCLEX will connect mainland Cebu from Cebu City via the Cebu South Coastal Road to Cordova town in Mactan Island.

However, on Instagram, Steffi expressed a sense of achievement for making “history.”

“Proud and honored to be the first Cebuana to strut on the soon to open Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway…in HEELS! (heart emoji)”

According to her, there’s more to Cebu than just beaches and heritage sites. 

“It is the home of progress and opportunities…and a melting pot of creative minds. The best part I am most grateful for is that we advance and thrive as ONE!,” she related.

Though Steffi didn’t react to receiving mixed reactions, she, on the other hand, reposted a post about stopping “crab mentality” and “toxicity.”

“Some people are really fond of finding something out of nothing. A certain individual’s rant against a candidate does not only sound bitter, it reeks of desperation,” it read. “You’re obviously so triggered by forces you can’t control and your very irresponsible rant will not only hurt your good name but the candidates you’re affiliated with. Think. About. That.”

“Bringing up politics and political affiliations will not change the fact that the runway challenge video was superb and the candidate involved performed miles ahead of the nearest competitor. Hard work, good attitude, excellent output and results! Unfortunately, you won’t understand this… You’ve become soooo TOXIC… This has become a habit of yours provoked or unprovoked.”

Steffi also reposted a post of a pageant enthusiast.

“Remind ko lang wala kayong right panghimasukan ang political stand ng iba at dapat lumugar kayo hindi yung nag sprea pa kayo ng di maganda just to bring down the girl. Oh manood nalang kayo ng vid ni @steffiberasturi.”

Watch the viral pasarela here: