This fitness and motivational vlogger reminds influencers to set a good example to the youth

Published August 9, 2021, 3:41 PM

by Noel Pabalate

YouTuber Rendon Labador hopes video creators will end toxic content on social media

With “fight” content getting traction on social media, it seems more and more video creators picking fights with others all in the name of likes and views. But vlogger Rendon Labador, who considers such content toxic, hopes to cut the trend.

The 32-year-old vlogger took the chance to make a statement after his teammate Von was involved in a fight while they were playing basketball in the Battle of YouTubers. “Sa lahat ng influencer dyan, kung hindi mo kayang impluwensyahan ang sarili mo, umalis ka dyan (To all influencers, if you can’t influence yourself, get out of there!),” he says.

The YouTuber even stressed that being in an exhausting pandemic situation, video creators should be setting a good example for and be a good influence to their viewers, especially the youth.

Rendon, however, is also guilty of being in controversial content such as his fight with Kiko Matos last July, his disrespectful reply to one of his FB commenters, and his motivational statements that some find confusing, among other things.

According to the civil engineer graduate, what he did with Kiko was a “motivational slap” in order for him to realize his mistakes. Then, his disrespectful response was part of his real talk experiment on social media. He admits that he sometimes makes his motivational videos controversial on purpose to attract viewers.

Vlogger, fitness enthusiast, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur Rendon Labador. (Photo by Mags Shot Photography)

Now, Rendon wants to reverse this toxic culture on social media. “Many influencers today are just after fame and money even though they could hurt many and send a wrong message in the process. I realized that there are so many good ways we can be famous. We don’t need to fake ourselves, do pranks or violent stuff to gain views,” he explains in Filipino.

“We need not adapt violent content or adjust to viewers’ interests just because it’s the easiest way to go viral,” the fitness coach continues. “We have to know ourselves and the things we are good at. We need to rethink our principles in life so that we can create videos based on values and beliefs we think are right. It’s about time for YouTubers to change their mindset because we have so many young viewers that we need to inspire.”

The founder of and chief executive officer of Fitness Army Gym, Rendon also advises youngsters to be selective on social media and watch only vlogs that will teach them how to be proactive in life—video tutorials that could enhance their passions, funny and entertaining content where they can still learn a thing or two, and videos that are motivational, inspirational, or offer entrepreneurial lessons that could lead them to be successful one day.