Raymund Isaac confined in US hospital due to COVID-19, partner asks for prayers

Published August 9, 2021, 8:28 PM

by Robert Requintina

Raymund Isaac (Facebook)

Celebrity photographer Raymund Isaac has been hospitalized in the US due to COVID-19.

Friends and supporters of Raymund have been praying for his recovery.

On July 24, Raymund wrote on Facebook: “Friends I need all your prayers now. I was rushed to CMPC SAN FO hospital this morning due to lack of oxygen. I am alone here in the hospital due to Covid rules. It’s scary to be in a place where you don’t know anyone. Include me please in your prayers.”

Then on July 29, Jayson Vicente, partner of Raymund, thanked netizens for their messages of encouragement and support.

“THANK YOU ALL for your messages of encouragement and support. Raymund Isaac and I are comforted by your texts, posts, calls, food deliveries, etc.

“We are both safe and taking it one day at a time. Though I cannot be with him in the hospital, we talk regularly. He is still in the hospital and continues to receive the medical attention he needs at this time, and we see improvement every day.

“He can stand and walk around his room. His kidney and liver functions are good. They’ve decreased the level of O2 flow which is a good sign, but he continues to be under strict medical monitoring. When I asked him what he wants you all to know, he said, “Tell them the truth and how difficult it really is. I need all the prayers and strength.”

“He struggles to breathe and needs O2 constantly.

“He tries to be brave, but being alone in a strange place is scary and makes him anxious.

“He misses being around us all.

“Please continue to pray for endurance and perseverance, so he stays strong through this ordeal. He reads your comments, so please let him know that he will be OK and that he has it in him to fight this! Thank you.”

Some comments:

“Get well please!!” 

“Healing prayers for Raymund”

“Prayers and love, Raymund. Please get well. We love you.”

“We lifted Raymund in Cenacle prayers today& tomorrow’s 2000 Hail Mary on a First Saturday. we ask & trust in Jesus, the greatest physician & healer.”

“Sending MORE PRAYERS AND LOVE. Hang in there!!! Kaya mo iyan Raymund Isaac.”