Catriona Gray stops accepting new applicants for Nas Academy

Catriona Gray

Following the recent controversy surrounding Nas Daily, former Miss Universe Catriona Gray has stopped accepting new applicants for her academy, where she was expected to teach self-confidence and overcoming insecurities.

Catriona issued the statement through Cornerstone Entertainment, her official management agency, on Sunday, Aug. 8.

Her full statement:

Earlier, Catriona was dragged to the issue of content creator Nas Daily after some netizens urged her to take a stand on Nas Academy.

In the comment section of Catriona’s Instagram, some netizens have urged the Australian-Filipino beauty queen to speak out on the backlash.


Nas Daily has featured Catriona’s inspiring story, from her financial struggles to winning Miss Universe in 2018. The beauty queen's story was featured via a six-minute video on Facebook of the popular content creator.

The controversy began when Whang-od’s grandniece Grace Palicas revealed that Nas Daily’s Whang-od Academy is a “scam.”