Angel Locsin and Neil Arce get married, move to their new home

Published August 7, 2021, 7:46 PM

by Robert Requintina

Angel Locsin and Neil Arce

Angel Locsin and Neil Arce surprised the world when they got married in style during a civil ceremony last Aug. 7.

During the low-key wedding, Angel wore a pair of jeans, white blazer, black  trousers, and sneakers. Neil sported a white sweatshirt, a pair of black pants and sneakers.

Angel and Neil got engaged in 2019. They were scheduled to tie the knot in November 2020, but cancelled it due to the pandemic. In February, the couple announced that their wedding will take place in 2021.

Prior, in the vlog uploaded on the Angel and Neil Channel, the couple were seen packing their belongings before they move into their new home. 

In the same vlog, Jean Arce also said she’s excited about the wedding of her son Neil and Angel.

“Super happy ako ngayon dahil magpapasal ka na. Thirty-eight years ka na. Alam mo naman yun ang request ko sa’yo di ba? Na sana magpakasal ka na habang maganda pa ako. (I’m so happy that you are getting married. You’re 38 years old. You know that’s my ultimate request from you. I want you to get married while I am still beautiful),” Jean told Neil.

“Finally Angel will take care of you and not me anymore,” she added.


“My advice is sundin mo ang gusto ni Angel para masaya kayo. Ikaw dapat ang mag-asikaso ng bahay. Ikaw dapat ang mag-asikaso kay Angel. At pagnagka-anak kayo, ikaw dapat ang mapuyat at hindi si Angel. (Make Angel happy. You should take care of Angel and your home. If you have a baby, you should stay up late and not Angel).

“Para maging masaya ang wife mo, i-pag-shopping mo. Happy wife, happy life,” (Treat Angel to a shopping spree so that she will be happy),” she said.


Jean said she loves Angel. “Napaka-down to earth ni Angel, sobrang match kami.” (Angel is down-to-earth, we’re matched).

She also believes that her son is ready to become a husband and a father.