Ladies, let’s talk about body aging

Published August 6, 2021, 3:38 PM

by Jessica Pag-iwayan

And the common mistakes women are making when buying intimate apparel and how to correct them

According to the study conducted by Wacoal Corp., a leading intimate apparel brand for women, women undergo three major physiological changes within a 30-year period—also called Spiral Aging.

Wacoal has taken the time and invested resources to monitor the changes that happen in a woman’s body from their late teens to their 60s, covering more than 40,000 women. And research shows that during her 20s, a woman’s body completes its transformation to adulthood. Moving to her 30s, a woman may experience sudden weight gain, accompanied by other drastic physical changes. By the time she reaches her 40s, the upper part of the body will be visibly larger than the lower half. 

Aesthetically, this shows in less firmness in the breast and hip area. These physical differences come from a number of things like hormonal changes, the skin’s loss of firmness and softness, and a decrease in one’s metabolism.

This same study also shows that the aging process of the body is not the same for everyone. Awareness of what stage she is in the aging process is essential for the selection of correct underwear. 

Finding the perfect fit

Not being aware of their stage in the aging process leads women to commit mistakes when buying intimate apparel. Elmira Cadungog, marketing and merchandising manager of Wacoal Philippines, talks about these mistakes and how to correct them.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT UNDERCLOTHES A program that discusses the proper selection of underwear was held during the Wacoal flagship branch opening

“The common mistake of women is buying underwear based alone on size that they believe will fit them, and not based on actual fitting,” she says. “It’s simply because they get used to what they were wearing for the last months or years. Women should be aware that they should check their measurements regularly and they must be aware of changes in their body as they age.”

They say that the only constant thing in life is change, and this has never been truer than in the case of a woman’s body.

Elmira says that getting the incorrect size of underwear may lead to discomfort. “Majority of women don’t wear the correct size of underwear. This results in a feeling of discomfort, bad posture, and sometimes even breathing difficulties,” she says. “That is why it is important to know the correct size. A woman should check their measurements regularly, and fit the underwear before buying it. The perfect fit can only be achieved if it provides the necessary comfort and support to enhance the body proportions.”

As Wacoal opened its flagship store at SM Megamall, Elmira encourages ladies to visit and get their measurements checked by in-store advisers.

INSIDE GARMENTS Interior of the new Wacoal store

“Women can have their measurements taken perfectly by Wacoal beauty advisers. Just go to any Wacoal counter inside the department stores or to a Wacoal boutique,” she says. “It is highly recommended to allow the Wacoal beauty adviser to assist the customer inside the fitting room so she can point out to the customer what style of underwear can help enhance the silhouette of the customer’s body.”

She then reminds women to find their perfect fit when buying intimate apparel. “Awareness of the physical changes in a woman’s body as it ages is essential for the selection of correct underwear. The body’s tissue softens as we age, our breasts and hips sag as we age,” Elmira says. “A bra designed for a woman in her 20s will not compliment the body of a woman in her 40s. Wearing a perfectly fitted bra will not only provide cover and support for the breast, but more so, improve the posture of the body.”

Apart from offering bra and panties, Wacoal offers girdles, nighties, camisoles, and slips.l