No walk-ins at QC vaccination sites — Mayor Belmonte

Published August 5, 2021, 1:27 PM

by Joseph Pedrajas

Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte has reminded her constituents that walk-ins at the city’s vaccination sites are prohibited after the local government saw an increase in the number of unregistered individuals trying to be inoculated.

Belmonte made the call after learning that some workers were rushing to the city’s vaccination sites, despite not having any appointment, because their employers supposedly told them they could no longer report for work if they are not vaccinated.

“They have to register because our system works on a first-in, first-out basis so the sooner they get in the list, the sooner they can get their schedule,” Belmonte said in a statement, adding that workers should book their slots once another supply of the COVID-19 vaccine arrives.

The mayor said that “employers have to understand that the delay in the vaccination of their employees had been due to the insufficient vaccine supply and sporadic delivery to local government units, thereby making it impossible to accommodate everyone.”

She said, employers “should be lenient considering their employees remain unvaccinated not out of choice or refusal” but due to lack of supply. Employers should also not add to their employees’ burdens amid the COVID-19 crisis, Belmonte added.

Unlike other big Metro Manila cities that allow walk-ins that have led to people cramming into vaccination sites, Quezon City maintains its policy of no walk-ins.

Although the city has a “Bakuna Nights” program wherein residents can be vaccinated at night time or after their working hours, Belmonte still appealed to the employers to give their employees consideration by allowing them to take a day off to get vaccinated without salary deductions or by allowing them to work from home after getting vaccinated.