Mommy Mundo ExpoMom Online 2021

Published August 5, 2021, 10:22 AM

by MB Lifestyle

Mommy Mundo

On August 14 and 15, 2021, Mommy Mundo is set to host its second 2021 run of ExpoMom online. The fourth online version of the popular event created by the oldest mom community in the country, ExpoMom: Meaningful Connections will be a two-day online conference featuring momfluencers, expert speakers, great shopping deals, games, and more!

This August, ExpoMom’s theme is Meaningful Connections, focusing on technology, which is the overarching theme of the quarter and part of the community’s year long campaign that encourages moms to Mind your Mind. Becoming more mindful and purposeful of the technology around us and how it can serve to help nurture our relationships and support meaningful connections.

The event will be tackling topics associated with the social aspects of moms lives, such as Single Parenting, Dealing with Household Help, Establishing Connections Through Tech, Why Moms Need Their Girlfriends, amongst others! Popular faces and names from around the country will be taking the online stage to discuss all these, to be revealed gradually through the Mommy Mundo Social Media accounts, as the event draws close.

For over a decade, Mommy Mundo has been the leading resource for moms and dads all over the country, supporting them in every stage of parenthood through useful online content and a variety of events that seek to both teach and provide resources for both new and veteran parents. Expo Mom is Mommy Mundo’s flagship event. Now in its 13th year, it was originally hosted live in various spaces around the country, but has moved online since August 2020.

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