League of Cities push digital solutions for communities

Published August 5, 2021, 12:40 AM

by MB Technews

City mayors are calling for more partnership engagements with the government and private sector to empower local livelihood and sustainability programs with digital solutions during the recent online forum of the 15th Liveable Cities Lab organized by the League of Cities in partnership with Globe Telecom.

Founder and Managing Director of the Stratbase Group, Prof. Dindo Manhit in his presentation on Rational Digital Transformation Strategies and Policies stated that, “Government and the Private Sector must work together to identify, analyze, and find the best strategies for the digital transformation of all sectors in a policy environment that will foster a digital economy with thriving industries that are globally competitive and sustainable.”

Manhit said, “Technology, infrastructure, and tools can be developed and purchased. However, this must be matched with talent and the next generation of skills that can wield the power of technology.”

Manhit points out that, “Central to digital transformation is developing the knowledge and skills of the Philippine workforce to adapt to digital transformation,”

“Digital Readiness is about the people’s readiness. A people-centric approach that harnesses the benefits of digital technologies as power tools to prosper in an evolving digital revolution,” Manhit said.

Manhit further stressed that, “To leverage the opportunities of digital technologies for public health and the economy, there must be openness to continuous innovation of processes and policies to create an environment that has been liberated from defunct models of governance and stagnant regulations.”

“A new culture of leadership, learning, working, and living with technology, inspired by the prospect of limitless possibilities for inclusive growth and sustainable prosperity is an exciting vision that we must all endeavor to achieve,” Manhit said.

Mr. Vince Tempongko, VP for Site Acquisition and Management of Globe Telecom said that in 2021, they will increase capacity and expand network with 2,000 new sites investing 70 billion pesos which is 40 percent of revenues.

“The effects of this pandemic particularly in the advancement of digital adoption will definitely stay and affect the way we work, study, and promote awareness campaigns,” Tempongko said.

“Assessing our readiness as a country is vital in identifying gaps in order to move forward,” Tempongko said.

Hermosa, Bataan Mayor Antonio Jospeh “Jopet” Inton in his presentation on Equitable Education through e-learning said, “With fast advancements in education and communications technology, our children need to catch up with science engineering and technology of STEM, and we as leaders need to formulate concrete steps to translate policies into workable solutions.”

“Eventually, after the pandemic, education should be a combination of classroom and online learning.” (Tagalog) “I believe that e-learning and digital learning is key to achieve real change in our educational system, and for our youth to be globally competitive,” Inton said.

“We are doing our small steps in order to fill the big gaps in our education system. But of course, we recognize that we cannot do it alone in the local government unit. We need the support of our policymakers in the Department of Education, and we also need the support of the private sector,” Mayor Inton said.

The event also featured discussions on online digital platforms that have transformed ongoing programs in agriculture, eco-tourism, e-education, and environment protection.