LAUGHING MATTER: Why is Kuya Kim giggly doing the weather report?

Published August 5, 2021, 9:51 PM

by Robert Requintina

Kim Atienza

Netizens can’t help but noticed how Kim Atienza was giggling doing the live weather report for “TV Patrol” on Aug. 5.

They said that Kuya Kim’s giggles were a bit infectious.

And his fun way of delivering the weather report trended on Twitter.

Some comments:

“Nahahawa ako sa kakatawa mo dito Kuya Kim pero di ko alam bakit tawang tawa ka,” a netizen commented.

“Kuya Kim @kuyakim_atienza pa share naman po kung ano yung tinatawa mo,” another follower wrote.

“Oo nga kuya kim..ano meron kanina? bakit po tawang tawa ka?”

So why was he jolly in front of live TV?

Kapamilya colleague Gretchen Fullido has the answer.

Gretchen took to Instagram and revealed why Kuya Kim was gleeful and later trended.

“I told him to say the word ‘tinapay (bread)’ while doing the newscast,” said Gretchen.

Kuya Kim took the challenge and said it was easy!

And it worked! He got zippy when he finally mentioned the word “tinapay” in the live newscast.

Watch how Kuya Kim did it!