Health expert to public: Follow safety protocols when outdoors to keep your home COVID-free

Published August 5, 2021, 5:34 PM

by Analou de Vera

In this photo taken on September 19, 2020, people wearing face shields queue up at a public market in Manila.

An infectious disease expert reminded the public to strictly follow the health protocols when going outside to avoid carrying the coronavirus in their respective homes.

Children can also be infected with the virus that causes coronavirus disease (COVID-19), especially now with the presence of the more transmissible Delta variant, reminded infectious disease expert Dr. Edsel Maurice Salvana in a televised briefing on Thursday, August 5.

“Yung Delta mas nakakahawa, so yung capacity niya na mag infect sa mga bata is mas mataas din (Delta is more contagious, so its capacity to infect children is also higher),” said Salvana.

“The main source of infection for children who are staying at home are people who are really going outside,” he added.

Salvana said those who are going outside of their homes should strictly adhere to the minimum public health standards.

“Important na kung may mga bata tayo sa bahay, may mga matanda, or susceptible na hindi pa nabakunahan, tayo na lumalabas—kinakailangan as much as possible gumamit tayo ng mask, face shield, physical distance para hindi po natin ma put at risk yung ating mga mahal sa buhay na nasa bahay (It is important that if we have children, elderly members, or family member who are susceptible to COVID-19—who remain to be unvaccinated—it is necessary for us to use a face mask, face shield, practice physical distancing, so that we will not put at risk our loved ones who are at home),” he said.

Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Spokesperson Dr. Jonas Del Rosario reported last Wednesday, August 4, said that they are also attending pediatric COVID-19 patients at present.

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Salvana also agreed to the decision of the government to temporarily not allow children outdoors to protect themselves against COVID-19.

“With Delta kaiba talaga, kung palabasin natin iyan mas maraming pwedeng mahawa, mas mahihirapan talag=a tayong i-control ang Delta (With Delta, it’s really different. If we allow them outdoors, more people can be infected. It will be harder for us to control the spread of Delta),” he said.

Currently, children are not yet part of the priority groups for COVID-19 vaccination, said Salvana.

“Doon sa mga pagbabakuna sa mga bata, of course kailangan muna natin tapusin ang ating priority groups, dahil mas mababa naman ang risk ng mga bata na mamatay (In terms of vaccinating children, of course we need to finish our priority groups first, because children have a lower risk of dying),” said Salvana

“But of course, we always keep that under consideration. We really want to vaccinate everyone when we have enough supply,” he added.