Kyla attacked for alleged ‘transphobic’ comment

Published August 4, 2021, 12:55 PM

by Neil Ramos

What’s in a comment?

Well, a lot.

Particularly if it touches on race, religion or sexual orientation, among others.

Kyla is currently in hot water after a fan page bearing her name posted a comment seemingly denouncing a transgender weightlifter’s participation in the ongoing Olympics.

The comment read: “That’s unethical.”

Just like that, “woke” netizens quickly pounced on the singer.

They didn’t even wait for her to explain, swiftly labeling her “transphobic.”

Said one, “Sorry @kylaessentials but unstanning. Hindi ko kayang i-support ang transphobia sa kahit na anong platform.”

Another said, “Matagal nang debunked ang debate na ito. Walang puwang ang transphobia dapat. (One Google away ang resources, @kylaessentials!) There is no sane explanation for her comment. If someone is from the LGBTQ community and yet defends her, ewan ko nalang.”

Kyla eventually retorted, “I believe that’s my fanpage. I don’t usually reply, comment, or answer questions there. We have a few admins. Baka na hack? I have to check and ask.”

Obviously peeved, she added, “You’re barking at the wrong person. That’s a fanpage you’re looking at with lots of admins. For sure, that was not me. But you’re free to unstan if you like. We’re in a free country. You can do whatever you like.”

The transgender athlete was identified as Laurel Hubbard from New Zealand.

She was among several transgender athletes competing in the Olympics.

Others include Canadian soccer star Quinn, and American BMX Freestyle rider Chelsea Wolfe.

American skateboarder Alana Smith identifies as non-binary.