Ex-AOA’s Mina returns to Instagram in fighting mood after suicide attempt

Former AOA member Mina (Instagram) 

Kwon Mina, former member of K-pop group AOA, is not letting go of her social media presence after her recent suicide attempt.

Mina reactivated her Instagram account on Aug. 4, just six days after she attempted suicide on July 29.

She returned to Instagram despite advice from netizens that she should stay away from social media, which contributed greatly to her anguish and depression.

It has been more than a year since she made a post against AOA’s leader Shin Jimin in July 2020 in which she said she became a victim of her bullying for 10 years from their trainee days until she was a member of the girl group. Mina debuted in AOA in 2012 and left the group in 2019.

Last July 29, Mina, 27, was found by an acquaintance after attempting suicide at her home. Korean media reported that Mina was bleeding excessively at the time of discovery. Her acquaintance was worried about not being able to contact her and visited her house.

The acquaintance immediately called the 119 emergency hotline and Mina was taken to a hospital. Mina underwent emergency surgery and did not have any life-threatening injury. This was not the first time that Mina attempted suicide.

In her first Instagram post since her suicide attempt, Mina said she is a victim and vowed to sue malicious commenters.

“A lot of you are bored and tired and wondering what's wrong with me. If I say it's unfair, would you believe me? I'm aware of my wrongdoings and over-the-top behaviors and words,” Mina wrote.

Mina talked about her former boyfriend, which became a controversy, and Jimin.

“But Shin's case also came up because of you, and everything got worse, whether it was a statement or indiscriminate malicious comments. I'll just try not to talk long. I am the victim. I am one in four or five people. I am the victim who endured the longest,” she said.

Mina added, “It's not mythomania . I just said that I had severe depression. It's not schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Due to the most serious situation this time, there were a lot of people who spread false information.”

She said she and her agency have already collected and screen-captured information and “I will simply reveal what is the truth and what is the spread of false information.”

“P.S. You say you are tired of me, that I repeat myself, I cosplay as the victim and bring up the names of people who used to be other members and saying you feel sorry that they met a person like me? There will be no mercy for people who spoke as if they knew everything without knowing the inside story. I am confident. And if my words are nonsense and false, sue me. I will keep going until I get rid of even the slightest bit of resentment,” she said.

After her suicide attempt, Korean netizens commented that Mina should stay away from social media.

“Don't take your own life. Stay off of SNS. Your life is precious. Someone, please look after her,” one commented, according to Netizen Buzz.

Others said, “This person needs to get off of SNS,” “Stop making your family suffer. Go get mental help. Get out of SNS and live your life as a normal person” and “Her family needs to take away her cellphone and hospitalize her. Victim or not, she just doesn't seem to be in a normal state right now.”