Converge introduces VISION

Published August 4, 2021, 8:49 AM

by Jonathan Castillo

Vision Xperience Box

Converge has recently launched its entertainment box, VISION. This latest offering is in partnership with Pacific Kabelnet Holding Co. Inc. (PKN), an affiliate cable company of Converge.

With the hashtag #ExperienceBetter, through VISION, subscribers will have access to multiple TV channels including: USA Today News, USA Today Sports, Pocketwatch, and Ryan & friends. This is powered by Converge’s fiber technology.

Converge claims VISION is powered by an AI to provide “quick, one-click access to channels, Google apps, online games, and OTT apps like HBO Go, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Spotify.”

That mention of online games is interesting. It’s too much to speculate what this could mean, so we have reached out to Converge to get more details.

(From left) Joey Segismundo, PKN head of technical operations; Gilbert Virtucio, Converge head of product management and network solutions; Orange Ramirez, Converge marketing director; and DJ Atlas, give a demo of VISION Xperience Box at the virtual launch event held recently.