PCG saves drowning teenage girl in Taguig creek

A 16-year-old young woman who almost drowned while swimming at a creek in Taguig City was saved by personnel of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), it said Sunday, August 1.

Divers of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) jumped off the creek to rescue a 16-year-old victim, who went swimming and almost drowned in Sta. Ana Creek, Taguig City on July 24, 2021. (Screenshot from the video courtesy of the PCG)

Divers from PCG National Capital Region (NCR) – Central Luzon and PCG Special Operations Force (SOF) rescued the minor, whose identity was withheld by the authorities, at a creek in Barangay Sta. Ana last July 24.

Accordingly, the Coast Guard personnel heard a loud commotion from the residents about a drowning teenage girl at the creek near the Taguig Integrated School (TIS) so they immediately responded.

The PCG divers jumped into the creek to rescue the victim and, just in time, they were able to bring her to safer grounds.

During the initial assessment, the victim was found unconscious, the PCG noted.

The rescuers immediately conducted cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) until the victim vomited water and gained consciousness after two cycles of continuous compression.

The rescued teen was brought to Medical Center Taguig Hospital for further medical assistance, the PCG stated.

The PCG said the victim was already sent home after being declared in good condition by the attending physician.