A shot of hope: Public urged to get vaccinated vs COVID-19

Published August 1, 2021, 6:00 PM

by Jhon Aldrin Casinas

An airport employee takes a selfie while receiving a coronavirus vaccine at a vaccination site established at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport on June 2, 2021. (Ali Vicoy/Manila Bulletin)

A health reform advocate has underscored the importance of getting vaccinated against coronavirus disease (COVID-19) for it will be the key in ending the ongoing pandemic.

Dr. Anthony Leachon lamented that people are now suffering from “COVID fatigue” and “pandemic depression” as the threat of the global health crisis continues to hunt the world over a year since it began.

“But what we all need right now is a shot in the arm and we need to vaccinate because it will offer hope. Kailangan natin iyan (That is what we need),” said Leachon in a webinar on Sunday, Aug. 1.

Citing Dr. Melvin Sanicas, a vaccinologist and global health specialist, Leachon said that getting the vaccine will provide people with protection from the virus and prevent them from getting sick.

He continued that getting inoculated will also reduce the number of serious cases that would require hospitalization.

This would relieve the pressure on the healthcare system, and eventually end the pandemic, he added.

Leachon reiterated that the public must continue observing the minimum public health standards for it has been already proven effective in protecting people from getting infected with the virus.

‘Voluntary ECQ’

Metro Manila will be placed under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) from August 6 to 20 to stem the rising number of infections and prevent the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant.

But as for areas in the country with looser quarantine classification, the health expert urged residents in these areas to observe “voluntary ECQ”, which means to stay home unless extremely necessary.

“We don’t need the government to put us on ECQ. We can do it voluntarily and let’s do it now for our healthcare workers, for ourselves, and for our family,” Leachon said.