Madonna, Elton John, Dua Lipa react to rapper DaBaby’s homophobic comment

DaBaby is doubling down on his homophobic comments.

The rapper released a new video this week addressing comments he made during a performance at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami, last week.

Last Sunday during his performance, DaBaby said, “if you didn’t show up today with HIV, AIDS, or any of them deadly sexually transmitted diseases, that’ll make you die in two to three weeks, then put your cellphone lighter up…Fellas, if you ain’t sucking d*** in the parking lot, put your cellphone lighter up.”

Fellow artists expressed their dismay over DaBaby’s misinformed comments.

Dua Lipa, who’s worked with the rapper, said, “I’m surprised and horrified at DaBaby’s comments. I really don’t recognize this as the person I worked with. I know my fans know where my heart lies and that I stand 100% with the LBGTQ community. We need to come together to fight the stigma and ignorance around HIV/AIDS.”  

Despite the initial backlash, the rapper made things worse with a new video he made for the track “Giving What’s It’s Supposed To Give.”

“In the self-directed visual, he holds up a sign that reads “AIDS” and at the end of the clip the words “Don’t Fight Hate With Hate” appear in rainbow colors. Underneath that, his pseudo apology reads, “My apologies for being me the same you want the freedom to be you,” wrote Rolling Stone.

But music stars have since chimed in to the growing chorus of disappointment over the rapper’s actions.

In a lengthy post, Madonna used her Instagram “to school” the rapper and said, “A message to Dababy – if you're going to make hateful remarks to the LGBTQ+ community about HIV/AIDS then know your facts: After decades of hard-won scientific research – there are now life-saving medicines available to children born with HIV, to people who contract HIV through blood transfusions, dirty needles or exchange of bodily fluids. These new ARV’s can keep a person with AIDS alive for the rest of their lives!!! AIDS is not transmitted by standing next to someone in a crowd. I want to put my cellphone lighter up and pray for your ignorance, No one dies of AIDS in 2 or 3 weeks anymore.”

Sir Elton John took to Twitter to voice his condemnation of DaBaby. “We’ve been shocked to read about the HIV misinformation and homophobic statements made at a recent DaBaby show. This fuels stigma and discrimination and is the opposite of what our world needs to fight against the AIDS epidemic. You can live a long and healthy life with HIV. Homophobic and HIV mistruths have no place in our society and industry and as musicians, we must spread compassion and love for the most marginalized people in our communities. A musician’s job is to bring people together.”

DaBaby has been removed from a UK Festival lineup since his homophobic remarks. A menswear company has also cut ties with DaBaby after it just recently announced a collaboration with the rapper.