Get inspired by Lovi Poe's chic OOTDs in Laoag

Published July 31, 2021, 11:53 AM

by John Legaspi

Fashion stylist Aldrin Ramos shares what the actress wore

There are many ways for actors to build their characters. Some bring out their Johari Window and plots who and what their roles are, identifying characters’ from their inner workings—thoughts and emotions—and manifest them in their façade. But for others, it is the other way around. Actors picking up visual cues—body and looks—and try to build and imbibe the character from external to internal. In this process, actors need to work with their wardrobe team in creating the perfect illusion that will bring a fictional persona into a reality.

Lovi Poe

Sharing that experience with is Filipino fashion stylist Aldrin Ramos as he dresses up actress Lovi Poe for her upcoming movie “Seasons” under Regal Entertainment. Acting opposite actor Carlo Aquino, Lovi portrays the character, Charlie. With the help of Aldrin’s styling, you can easily get to know the actress’ character. From her subtle skin-showing pieces and her Chucks to her play on casual pieces, Lovi’s Charlie is every bit of a contemporary Filipina that exudes confidence, boldness, and adventurous when it comes to her fashion.

In a conversation with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, Aldrin gives us a glimpse of the role of a stylist in a film set, how he plotted the character’s looks, and what it is like to dress Lovi Poe.

How was it working with Lovi?

Lovi has been a personal client since 2016 and working with her is always exciting, in a way that we get to explore different looks for her through the characters she portrays. She’s fun to work with and very professional. It has always been a collaborative effort between Lovi and I to build the character she portrays in terms of styling. I love working with her because she never fails to pull off a look to another.

What did you consider for the looks you prepared for Lovi?

A lot of things actually. It was never easy for me to create her looks even in her other movies or soap operas. There’s always a battle of ideas between the production group and I, which we have to meet in the middle to put her style together. But basically, for this movie, the main factor that I considered is her character, which has to translate to what she wore. The time and setting of the movie are as important as her character, too. Of course, it has to be relatable and appropriate to the scene. Last but not the least, Lovi’s special requests [laughs].

Did you play with trends in plotting her ensembles?

Well the trend is of our last consideration since this is a movie and not a magazine shoot. We wanted to bring out fun and quirky Lovi as Charlie, and so we came up with colorful, vibrant palettes for her ensembles. [There is], of course, denim, which never goes out of style. Basically, a street chic in colors. In my mind, she’s portraying a role but the audience should still see Lovi in a different light or mood. So that’s always a challenge, to bring out her character and Lovi at the same time.

Check out Lovi’s looks below:

Photo from Aldrin Ramos

Photo from Aldrin Ramos

Photo from Aldrin Ramos

Photo from Aldrin Ramos

Photo from Aldrin Ramos
Photo from Aldrin Ramos